Festival Marvin is already looking for a new headliner a few days before its 2022 edition

Today the starting signal is given, the activities of the marvin festivalat the University of Communication where conferences and master classes will be held, among many other activities with experts from the world of music and entertainment.

Dean Wereham is one of the many invited music celebrities, having two dates within the festival, one of them playing songs from Galaxie 500 and another from Luna, which promises to be a journey between dimensions and planets as David Bowie himself would say.

Without a doubt, many music lovers were anxiously awaiting the return of the festivals in person and that is why the 10th edition of the marvin festival promises to be one of the best since its creation.

Festival Marvin is already looking for a new headliner for 2023

One of the premises of this festival since the first edition was held is to find the next headliners of festivals, to all that emerging and fresh talent that is making its way into the world of music, being the marvin festival a space where they can make themselves known.

Amazon Music curated audiovisual productions that can be enjoyed at the Park Spain with emerging talent, there will also be a Roma-Condesa Gourmet route where attendees with their festival access can enjoy their special dishes and promotions.

There will be talks about the royal outpost, talks with Sergio Arauone of the greatest exponents of national rock, workshops focused on music production and all this within the space called La Industria.

Marvin Festival will also be digital, where can I watch the broadcast?

Amazon Music joins the celebration in a synergy with the marvin festivalcelebrating 10 years of festivals in person plus 3 years doing it digitally, being the last one in May this year and without losing tradition, you can see the full festival on the platform of Twitter through the channel Amazon Music and we can expect another digital edition next year.

It is important that the nods make their routes since there will be 8 spaces including Department, Foro Indie Rocks, Foro Bizarro, Bajo Circuito, Cinespacio 24, Foro 246 and Parque España and 75 bands playing in this great festival that takes over the streets of the Rome and Countess.

Festival Marvin is already looking for a new headliner a

Marvin Festival 2022, schedules and tickets

The cost of general access is $650, but it does not include special concerts such as Dean Wareham’s or Devendra Banhart’s, they have an extra cost or you can purchase access with all the stellar concerts included for $1,900 covering all the activities of the 3 days of marvin festival.

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Festival Marvin is already looking for a new headliner a few days before its 2022 edition