Fabiola Martínez, the great absentee in the Bertín Osborne concert in which her son Carlos has participated

Fabiola Martínez has preferred not to attend the presentation of ’40 years are few’ in Madrid, where a good part of her friends and her son Carlos did come together, who accompanied Bertín doing the choirs of his favorite song

Bertin Osborne has presented his latest album ’40 years are few’ at the Calderón Theater in Madrid. A concert attended by his daughter Eugenia with her children and a huge list of friends, including Paz Padilla, Cayetano Martínez de Irujo or José Mota, but in which hein the absence of Fabiola Martinez has drawn particular attention considering the good relationship they have despite their separation and that his son Carlos participated in the performance, suggesting that the artist has a clear heir.

It seems that Fabiola prefers to stay out of this type of act so that her presence does not overshadow the work of her ex-husband. But everything seems to indicate that we will see them together again very soon…

Bertin Osborne

Bertín Osborne presents his new album in Madrid


Despite their breakup, the model and the artist they are still a close family and together they work for the well-being of their two children and for the Bertín Osborne Foundation to continue growing and ensuring the well-being of families of children with disabilities. Apparently it would be this reason that she would reunite the ex-partner in the same act.

As published, next Thursday they will present together +Family, an application that offers assistance to families of people with disabilities completely free of charge. This initiative makes it clear that despite the break, good understanding prevails between them. “Both of us have always been very clear about the need to help families in need and it will continue to be a common project,” Fabiola herself recently clarified.

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A little over a year has passed since Fabiola and Bertín decided to go their separate ways, but both have not stopped giving compliments. “She is the most incredible woman I have ever met,” pointed out the singer, while the Venezuelan admitted that the day-to-day between them has not changed much because “he is a great father who is dedicated to his children”, who after months of evident sadness and nostalgia have taken on the new situation “very well”.

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Fabiola Martínez, the great absentee in the Bertín Osborne concert in which her son Carlos has participated