‘Fabiola’ from ‘Dare to Dream’ recalled how she made “the ridiculous” on tour because of her clothes

The latter is the case of Natalia Juárez, who gave life to Fabiola in Dare to Dream and who, more than 10 years after her participation in the soap opera, recounted the embarrassing moment she experienced at a concert.

Actress of ‘Dare to Dream’ recounted the “ridiculous” she did at a soap opera concert due to a slip with her wardrobe

13 years after the premiere of the telenovela, Natalia Juárez has become a fashion and beauty influencer. On Instagram, for example, she has more than 1 million followers, while on TikTok she has 5 million.

In the first social network mentioned, the star of Dare to Dream suggested to her fans not to use silicone or adhesive bras, since, in her experience with them, it had been “very bad”.

As he commented in his stories, the moment occurred around the year 2010, when the success of the youth soap opera was such that a concert tour was organized with its cast.

He recalled that, due to the multiple costume changes that had to be made in the functions, “the easiest thing was to bring those little glasses so that it would not be noticed.”

The problem was that these bras adhere directly to the skin, so they can easily fall off if they come into contact with too much sweat.

“Obviously, for those of you who went to the concert or if you don’t know, we spent the time dancing (on stage) and, therefore, sweating. (…) And at the end of the concert, you should know that I gave everything, I moved my neck wherever I went… really, with impressive energy”.

Thus, the movements and sweat of the actress made her silicone bra dislodge. What further aggravated the situation was that she was wearing a shirt “with spaghetti straps and that her neck was drooping”: one of her glasses came out of the neckline of her blouse.

At first, Natalia Juárez did not notice the slip, but she did notice the expression of surprise and confusion on the part of one of the attendees. Although her gesture caught his attention, she remained focused on the show, until she felt something bounce off her chest.

“I literally had a cup outside the locker room that did this movement (up and down). I ran, I left the stage… you don’t know how embarrassed I was at that moment. I literally took them off and they flew into my mother’s hands,” said the actress from Dare to Dream.

That is the reason why, more than 10 years after the incident, the former actress refuses to wear silicone bras.

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‘Fabiola’ from ‘Dare to Dream’ recalled how she made “the ridiculous” on tour because of her clothes