Faberson Bonilla hangs the Central American gold in 100 meters of skating

In an impressive performance on the morning of this July 7 at the Boulevard de los Héroes, the Guatemalan athlete Faberson Bonilla took the gold medal in the 100-meter final, astonishing those present by registering a time of 9.888 seconds. . Bonilla far surpassed his mark in the semifinal, where he posted a time of 10.147 seconds, and prevailed over the talented Mexican runner Jorge Martínez.

From the qualifying rounds, Bonilla demonstrated his skills and presented himself as a serious contender for the gold medal. However, it was in the final where the Guatemalan athlete shone with his own light, exceeding all expectations and leaving the spectators amazed with his outstanding performance.

“🏅 Gold Medal for Faberson Bonilla! 🏅 In the 100-meter event, Faberson Bonilla left everyone speechless with a spectacular participation and a memorable time. Thank you Faberson for so much pride and joy that you give Guatemala!”, the Guatemalan Skating Federation congratulated Faberson.

The final of the 100 meters was a competition full of emotion and adrenaline. Bonilla displayed an explosive start and impeccable technique, allowing her to maintain a constant lead over his rival throughout the race. His speed and physical strength were evident, and he finally crossed the finish line with an incredible time of 9.888 seconds.

Bonilla’s victory represents the excellence displayed by Guatemalan athletes in this competition, despite not wearing the country’s colors. His outstanding performance not only consecrates him as one of the best sprinters in the region, but also raises the name of Guatemala in the sports arena in the region.

Photo: National Skating Sports Federation of Guatemala

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Faberson Bonilla hangs the Central American gold in 100 meters of skating