Evaluna Montaner proudly showed the evolution of her pregnancy

The announcement of the pregnancy of Evaluna Montaner Through one of her songs she moved the entertainment world, and also the millions of followers that both she and her husband have, Camilo. At every opportunity she has, the singer shows with great pride the evolution of her belly in her publications on social networks, and recently she also did so during the 2021 Latin Grammy gala, where she assured that the “best accessoryit’s the belly.

This is how Ricardo Montaner’s daughter wore an elegant olive green silk dress that she only accompanied with iridescent gloves, in tune with her footwear. She did not wear earrings or necklaces and when asked about her outfit, she said that the most important thing about her look was to show off her pregnant belly.

There is never a lack of expressions of love towards the baby that they estimate will be born in the first trimester of 2022. For this reason, since they made the public announcement and made their fans happy, they share photos where they look very happy and above all, she is extremely radiant . Both the couple and the entire Montaner family follow the same trend and Ricardo publishes posts with very tender messages.

Recently, the author of “Bésame” shared two full-body photos of his daughter and accompanied them with the text: “A small fish is hovering in that belly… Waiting for Indigo. I think it will be a girl, but if it is a boy, I will still love him dearly ”.

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Evaluna Montaner proudly showed the evolution of her pregnancy