Eugenio Derbez, without “minding words”, referred to Shakira and her new song against Piqué

The actor and comedian Eugenio Derbez is one of the most recognized Mexicans in Hollywood, since his talent allowed him to scale internationally and that means that any statement he shares is taken into account by public opinion.

Precisely, in view of boom that generated the new musical theme of Shakira next to Bizarrap, called ‘Music Session #53′, Derbez joined the artists who support the Barranquilla star.

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 27: Eugenio Derbez at the 94th Annual Academy Awards (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)
The Mexican stressed the affection he feels for the Colombian and did not mince words to show that he is in favor of her. – Photo: Getty Images

Recently, in his style, The Mexican published a photograph on Instagram, but the curious thing is that it turned out to be a parody of the successful theme of the Colombian which, apparently, was dedicated to his former sentimental partner Gerard Piqué and to the now ex-soccer player’s girlfriend, Clara Chía.

In the profile of the aforementioned social network of the film and television actor, a photograph of Bizarrap was published and, next to it, instead of appearing Shakira replaced it with a montage in which her colleague Consuelo Duval appearedspecifically in the role of Federica that the woman played in the well-known TV proposal teddy family.

Shakira Portrait
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“Message I received from Federica: Be careful tick bite. If you don’t want the next @bizarrap session to be with me,” Derbez wrote.

Immediately, his followers did not hesitate to comment on the post with messages such as: “Another season of ‘Familia Peluche’ would heal us and make us feel good after everything we’ve experienced in recent years”; “Imagine Shaki and Fede together, not one of them is left alive”; “Clearly… Ludovico needs a coffee with Pique…te, because Federica is already billing,” it reads on Instagram.

shakira parody
Eugenio Derbez and his fellow actress Consuelo Duval joined the trend of Shakira’s new song with this photomontage on their Instagram accounts. – Photo: Instagram: ederbez and consueloduval

However, that was not the only position that the famous Mexican gave in this regard. In the middle of a public place, a Telemundo correspondent managed to strike up a short chat with the man and he made his point of view about the interpreter ofAnthology’.

Words of support for Shakira

Eugenio Derbez
The actor and comedian Eugenio Derbez is one of the most recognized Mexicans in Hollywood, so his opinion on Shakira’s new song went viral. – Photo: Instagram @ederbez

The first thing the renowned actor said is that he loves the Colombian very much. “We don’t talk to each other every day, but I love her very much and we have a very good relationship”he added.

Added to this, in front of the television cameras, Eugenio expressed his opinion about Shakira’s separation with the former Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué: “It hurt me a lot. So, I think it’s worth supporting it,” he said.

Shakira Vertical
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But that was not all, because The man addressed the topic that has been resonating about a possible mistake by the Barranquillera, “being hurt” and that is why his songs.

“Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves and everyone suffers their grief differently. So, good for her, I support her.”concluded the actor of international stature.

Being a public figure who accumulates a significant number of followers, on the program’s Instagram Today users commented: “I love consistent people”; “100 percent in agreement with him, everyone lives his processes and expresses his emotions as it suits him”; “Excellent Eugenio supporting women”; “That’s good Eugenio in supporting Shakira”; “Oh, that song is great, clearly my support for this great woman,” it reads on the stage of social interaction.

Shakira was serenaded by fans

Through their social networks, The woman from Barranquilla showed a group of followers who went to her house and began to sing some verses from her most recent song.

On this occasion, Shakira thanked her followers and sent them kisses, given the warm response for her musical theme, since this is part of a trilogy of messages that, apparently, she has sent about her separation with Piqué, and that show the difficult 2022 that he lived when facing infidelity.

Shakira Portrait
(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images) – Photo: Getty Images

“She has the name of a good person, ‘clearly’ is not what it sounds like… Shakira, Shakira, Shakira”, He heard the fans say, while they shouted and greeted the singer who appeared on the balcony to see them. Right away, the Barranquilla woman said “thank you, thank you”, sending her hands to her heart and blowing kisses at them.

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Eugenio Derbez, without “minding words”, referred to Shakira and her new song against Piqué