Entering a concert by scanning the palm of your hand, Amazon One expands to other venues

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Amazon presented its biometric recognition system a year ago that analyzes the palm of the hand to recognize the buyer, technology that has not yet reached Spain. Now this system jumps from the company’s physical stores in the United States to mass events.

Amazon One, the e-commerce giant’s biometric system, has long been in WholeFoods stores where customers pay by showing the palm of their hand. Now this method can be seen in big stadiums.

The ticketing company AXS has reached an agreement with Amazon to use this technology at the entrance of concerts and other events. Thus users avoid having to show the ticket at the entrance to gain access.

Amazon One at concerts

Like the fingerprint readers that most current mobiles present, the device created by Amazon analyzes the lines and edges of the palm of the hand to recognize the person, too check vein patterns. The drawing of these features is considered a unique signature that allows the individual to be recognized.

Amazon One



The first event to use this technology is at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, Colorado. The company AXS will deploy machines around the center for attendees to register their palm or both with their purchased tickets, a process that takes less than a minute.

At the time of accessing the enclosure they will only have to pass their hand through the sensor to be able to enter. Similarly, shoppers at Amazon’s grocery stores place palm and the system charges the cost of the products to your Amazon account, although you only need a phone number and a credit card to buy with this method.

Speed ​​and security

Both companies assure that this system will speed up access to mass events. The measure allows avoid contact by handing out paper tickets now that other security measures are required due to the pandemic.

In addition, it reinforces security against the QR codes that are being used to verify the veracity of digital tickets. The palm of the hand is more difficult to identify and track than the footprint or the face, which implies an increase in the security of the event.

Amazon assures that biometric data can be erased at any time from the database in which it is stored and regarding the protection of this data, the company responds as follows: “We take data security and privacy very seriously, and all confidential data is treated in accordance with our policies. “

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