Enredo in concert in Miraflores de la Sierra to say goodbye to the summer

  • Quidditch is a sport inspired by the Harry Potter movies

  • The Miraflores de la Sierra City Council and the Miraflores Villa Florida Association collaborate in the event

Saturday September 4 and Sunday 5 from 2021 takes place the Third edition of the tournament “Blue Moon Tournament” Quidditch in Miraflores de la Sierra. A sports event that will bring together different Spanish Quidditch teams in the sports center of the municipality to play this competition.

Quidditch, a movie sport

The Miraflores Villa Florida Association, which collaborates in the event, has issued a statement in which it explains that the Quidditch is a sport that emerged from the Harry Potter movies. In the movies it is played with flying brooms, but it has been adapted to be played in real life. The protagonist himself appears in several of the films playing this sport.

En the fiction, the countryside should have elliptical shape (150 meters of semi-major axis and 55 of semi-minor axis) and, on each of the sides, three rings are placed located at a different height level. During the match they are used three different types of balls: a Quaffle, two Bludgers and a Golden Snitch.

The “snitch dorada”It is the difficult one to achieve, so the player on the team that manages to catch it wins 150 points and the game ends automatically. The “quaffle” It is the one that is introduced through the rings of the opposing team, when passing them through the ring they earn 10 points; the hunters play with it. There is a third type of balls, “bludgers”, with them the opposing players are attacked.

In the real life, Quidditch is played with two teams of seven players riding brooms. The field is rectangular and has a dimension of 60 by 44 meters and there are 3 hoops of different heights on each side of the field. The end goal it is have more points that the rival team when the snitch, a tennis ball tucked into a stocking worn by a referee dressed in yellow, is captured. They are also mixed teams where there must be gender equality.

In this edition they play 8 teams: Buckbeakriders, Madrid Wolves, Sparcsquidditch, Nightmare grims, Lumynx, Barcelona Eagles, Blue vikings y Sevilla Warriors.

The Miraflores de la Sierra City Council and the Miraflores Villa Florida association are collaborators of the III Blue Moon Quidditch Tournament. The City Council will give up the football fields for the games to be played there, once the appropriate adaptations are made. Miraflores Villa Florida prepares a decoration with plants, flowers and other elements to be placed in the sports hall, in the locker room area.

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