End of the year without restrictions: the mayor’s office of Caracas will hold a concert in Bolívar square

End of the year without restrictions the mayors office of
Gustavo Elis, musician from the Sucre parish, set all the youth present at the Caracas Retumba in Propatria to vibrate.

End of the year without restrictions. Despite the appearance of the first cases of the omicron variant in Venezuela, the government maintains the wide flexibility of prevention measures against covid-19 for the end of the year celebrations, both family, public and mass, considering that contagions are controlled.

Therefore, family gatherings can be held to celebrate the end of the year without a maximum number of people set by the authorities, organize concerts with no capacity limit, parties in hotels and public spaces, with the participation of national and foreign artists.

The mayor of Caracas, Carmen Meléndez, announced a concert in Plaza Bolívar for Caracas to greet the new year. At the moment he has not informed who will be the guests at the concert.

The mayor of Caracas and the Government of the Capital District (GDC), execute a Christmas cultural agenda called “Caracas rumbles with peace and joy.”

The events have been taking place since December 18, 19 and 20 in the parishes of El Valle, Antímano and Sucre.

For this Thursday 30 the concert will be in front of the Agua Salud station, starting at 4:00 pm The information was released by Nahum Fernández, head of Government of Caracas.

End of the year without restrictions

But in addition to the cultural and musical celebrations, the traditional rituals arrived from different countries of the world in Venezuela cannot be absent, where numerous nationalities – especially European – converge that, over the years, were imposing their own customs.

The 12 grapes of Spanish midnight, the Italian lentils of fortune, walking the suitcases in the hope that the gesture will bring a year full of travel or wearing red underwear are some of the ancestral ceremonies collected in such a multicultural country like Venezuela.

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End of the year without restrictions: the mayor’s office of Caracas will hold a concert in Bolívar square