Emilia Mernes told all about her collaboration with a singer

Emilia Mernes visited the studio of ‘Latinx Now!’, where in addition to having a fun time, he spoke exclusively with the drivers about his hit ‘The Wild Dog’. A subject that he detailed that it is a success in the discos, at least in the United States, since, in his native country, Argentina, everything is still closed.

The singer said she was very happy with this single that came out for about a month and that it has the collaboration of the Panamanian Boza. The 24-year-old interpreter assured that all her fans are taking it very well.

The driver Nastassja Bolívar asked him about his upcoming musical collaborations, to which the Maria Emilia Mernes Rueda, better known as Emilia Mernes, revealed that this month may have surprises for her followers.

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“This month it is possible that there is a song that is coming with a collaboration with an Argentine artist, I do not want to say neither a man nor a woman, because they take it out right away but now,” said the composer and model.

The dancer also said that she already has the video and that it is more romantic. Later, Emilia ended up confirming that, if it is a man, therefore, bets can be opened to guess the famous Argentine singer who will share credits with her.

Let’s remember that Emilia became known for having been part of the Uruguayan group RhombusHence, his career dawned. Now, on ‘Latinx Now!’ The famous woman was not spared and participated in a fun game, in which she had which famous person she would marry and with whom she would only have a night of passion.

Mernes made it clear that he would go on vacation with Justin Bieber. He also said that Zac Efron I’d be a good husband, and I’d spend a date with Bruno Mars. With a little more atmosphere in the program, Emilia confessed that she could spend a one night stand with Jason Derulo. The artist was so emotional that she even did a little dance and said that she would like Jason to call her.

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Let us remember that, in August of last year, Mernes spoke with Claudia vergara from Latinx Now!, in a virtual chat at a distance, in times of coronavirus.

‘Já é Tarde’ had a very “crazy” origin, as Emilia herself explained, since she met Bianca through TikTok, where ‘Tudo no Sigilo’, the Brazilian’s single, was being a success.

“I was just looking for a collaboration to make the remix of ‘No más”, the young artist said in the interview, about the coincidence that led her to join Bianca, and later, she commented that a new video of the song was recorded in quarantine.

“We try to find neutral places, quite simple spaces, because then, in the video, you can see the whole edition with colors and details, and the idea was to have fun, with playback, and have a good time, “Mernes said.

On whether she already knew Portuguese or learned a little, Emilia laughed a lot and said that she has “a friend” who teaches her, so she was able to pronounce a few words in front of the camera, to comply with Claudia’s request.

Vergara wanted to delve more into the subject of that friend, and it was then that Emilia pointed out that Neymar He met her for the song ‘No soy yo’, which he did together with Darell. And it is that, in social networks, the star of Paris Saint-Germain had had certain interactions with her publications.

“How crazy that Neymar knows me, I’m an Argentine artist. Come on, how far can music go, right?”, He commented with genuine surprise, and said that, as he later did the song with Bianca, which is precisely Brazilian, because there the relationship with the footballer was strengthened.

“He’s a good friend,” admitted the artist.

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