Elvis Presley’s obsession with young girls

‘Elvis’s women’, the documentary film Released on Amazon, it draws the king of rock as a sexual predator that undoubtedly damages the legacy maintained to date by the artist. For many of the women interviewed, Elvis it was his first love. Some lost their virginity to him after a couple of dates. They all believed him when he told them that “his love for them was special and unlike anything he had felt before.” Some still hold onto that belief today.

Letitia Kirk, who was his nurse during the 1970s, says in the documentary that he saw so many teenagers taken to his Tennessee mansion that he lost count. She also points to DJ George Kleinas their procurer and the person who brought young teenagers to Elvis. Sometimes they didn’t even have to leave Graceland, just peeking through the gates where they crowded. the fans they could choose a pretty young woman who they invited to come in and meet their idol.

Kathy Tatum He was 16 years old when in 1969 he met Elvis. The 24-year-old singer had just become a father for the first time. At first, it was just kisses and caresses, but that gave way to furtive encounters in the room of a motel that the artist rented permanently. She started skipping school so she could be with him every day. Elvis didn’t want full sex, he recounts in the documentary, but he caressed her constantly while she talked to friends in her room. he promised to marry with her, if he waited a few years until he could get a divorce, but she realized that when he got older he would lose interest in her.

Others affected draw the artist as a childish man, very temperamental and spoiled. His official girlfriend in the 1950s was the singer and actress Anita Wood, who had a radio show called Antics Of Anita. They paraded her to the press, but Elvis did not have sexual relations with her, at least in the first part of her relationship: he said that he wanted her to remain a virgin until they were married. Her talent, combined with the fame of being the alleged fiancée of Elvis, got him a contract in Hollywood, something that aroused Elvis’s jealousy. Unable to bear the thought of her kissing other men on screen, he begged her to give up her career and return to Tennessee.

elvis used to have sex with two or three women per night. When she first saw Priscilla BeaulieuThe 14-year-old daughter of a US Air Force officer, Elvis was instantly smitten. After her return to the United States, Priscilla married him and moved to Graceland. They were married in Las Vegas in 1967 when she was 21 years old. Nine months later, her only daughter was born, Lisa Marie (who died earlier this year). for the biographer Alanna Nash, “14 years was everything to Elvis.” In 1977 he met Ginger Alden, she started talking about marriage within a week. She was only 20 years old.

He treated her like a servant: once, when she refused to get out of bed to bring him a yogurt, he took a .45 Magnum and put a bullet in his head. Elvis’s stepbrother david stanley, one of the members of his personal entourage in the 70s assures that: «His taste for young girls, 15 or 16 years old, made me sick. I told him it’s a miracle they didn’t arrest him. He got away with things that most people didn’t, due to his money, fortune, fame and power, charisma and magnetism. Elvis might talk you into taking your socks off.”

Stanley was at Graceland on the day in August 1977 that Elvis died, aged 42, of a heart attack caused by a overdose of drugs. Although he believes that his stepbrother he took his own life, afraid that his obsession with underage girls was about to be exposed in a book and Tormented because of him for betraying so many lovers. “I think he just couldn’t go on,” Stanley says in the documentary.

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Elvis Presley’s obsession with young girls