Elton John will give his last concert in the United States and we tell you how to watch it in streaming

Many British musicians have marked the history of music… but very few like Elton John. Doing a review of his career, the beloved “Rocketman” has gone through a lot of evolutions that have elevated him to a legendary status, with his ups and downs and all that that implies. Tremendous legacy, without a doubt.

But if we focus on the part of your record like performerthat is to say of his quality as a live artist, there is a moment that marked a before and after in his career: his 1975 Dodger Stadium concert. For various specialists, that was the show with which he ended up rising as a mega star.

Elton John. Photo: Getty Images

Well, it’s time for that epic presentation to be commemorated. Elton John will return to the same stadium where the world saw him become a living legend 47 years ago… and the best thing is that we can see it in streaming.

Elton John will return to Dodger Stadium

The Farewell Tour of Elton John has some dates still ahead, but it is a significant moment because this tour is seen as the last one that the emblematic English composer performs in his career. So yes, it will be a farewell to those who once longed to see him live or to those fans who want to see him one last time.

Before closing 2022 and embarking next year on its last dates, the “I’m Still Standing” performer to arrive at Dodgers Stadium from Los Angeles to give a series of concerts in what will not only be one of the venues with the most shows where he will perform, but will also mean a reunion with the place that, as we already said, marked a before and after in his career.

November 17-20 are the days Elton is scheduled to play at the iconic baseball venue. And it will be the last show in that place that we can see in streaming.

Elton John will stream his most legendary concerts on YouTube!
Elton John giving a show in New Zealand/ Photo: Getty

Elton’s last concert can be seen on Disney +

Well, well… we already did a lot of emotion. If you don’t want to miss Elton John’s last concert in the United States, then you should know that It can be seen around the world through Disney +.

Elton John Live: The farewell show It will arrive on the broadcast of the aforementioned platform on November 20. The whole thing will kick off with a special titled Countdown to Elton Livewhich we can tune in from 8:30 PM to warm up before the concert begins.

Elton John will give his last concert in the US and we tell you how to see it
Show poster. Photo: Disney+

All this will serve as a preliminary to the premiere of the documentary Goodbye Yellow Brick Road: The final Elton John performances and the years that made his legend, which will premiere soon at international festivals before it reaches the same streaming platform mentioned above. The documentary is directed by RJ Cutler with filmmaker and Elton partner David Furnish

A legend says goodbye, but we will still have a chance to see it in all its splendor. They already have the data, now it only remains to enjoy it.

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Elton John will give his last concert in the United States and we tell you how to watch it in streaming