Elisabeth Leonskaja puts music to Kandinsky’s painting in a recital in Madrid

Elisabeth Leonskaja © Juan March

Elisabeth Leonskaja © Juan March


The days Friday 20 and Saturday 21 Januarythe pianist Elisabeth Leonskaja offers the recital Kandinsky and the Viennese musical trinity on the Juan March Foundation of Madrid. These concerts are part of the Visual Music cycle, in which sound and visual art are combined to give new meanings to the compositions.

In this case, the famous Georgian pianist will offer a program based on the composers of the so-called Second Vienna School: Anton Webern, alban berg Y Arnold Schönberg, who found fertile ground for creativity in Austria. While they composed a new musical paradigm, the painters Wassily Kandinsky either Gustav Klimt reached unprecedented aesthetic transformations.

In Kandinsky and the Viennese musical trinity, Leonskaja will perform these works accompanied by projections of visual works signed by these artists. Thus, the combination will show a sound and visual portrait of the avant-gardes that emerged in Vienna at the beginning of the 20th century.

With a projection of pictorial works curated by Juan Manuel Viana, this concert proposes the paired contemplation of compositions and paintings, a game of exchanged perceptions that sheds a new light on the meaning of the work of art.

These two concerts will have a previous presentation by the philosopher and professor of Aesthetics at the Autonomous University, Guillermo Solanawhich will begin half an hour before the concert.

The fourth concert of Visual Music will be that of the Sigma Project saxophone ensemble, on Friday 10 and Saturday 11 February. “Synergies: visual art and sound art” includes music written by four contemporary composers born twenty years apart: Alberto Bernal, Helga Arias, José María Sánchez.Verdú and Liza Lim. The music will be accompanied by a live pictorial action created by the artists César Barrio and Marta Azparren.

“Sound trompe l’oeil: music for an image” will constitute the fifth concert of the cycle, on Friday the 10th and Saturday the 11th of March. In it, the Sonor Ensemble, directed by Luis Aguirre, will perform different chamber works together with the fragmentary projection of three films from different eras: Berlin, Symphony of a City, An Andalusian Dog and The Artist and the Model. Simultaneously, works by Shostakovich, Prokófievo Schnittke will sound.

On Friday 21 and Saturday 22 April, the concert “Music, ghosts and whispers” will take place. Pianist Clare Hammond will perform a non-stop sequence of excerpts, last thoughts, elegies and absences from Schubert, Mozart, Wagner, Janácek, Stravinsky, Jacquet de la Guerre and Schumann, intertwined with movements from John Woolrich’s Pianobooks. This program is presented on a stage with low lights and accompanied by a visual device specially designed by Timothy and Stephen Quay, two internationally renowned experimental animators.

Lastly, the pianist Moisés P. Sánchez will collaborate with the video artist Pedro Chamizo in “Beethoven in images”. This concert proposes an improvisation anchored in various languages ​​of two of his piano sonatas, accompanied by a new design of projections that reveal hitherto hidden meanings of an inextinguishable music.

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Elisabeth Leonskaja puts music to Kandinsky’s painting in a recital in Madrid