El Niño y la Verdad announces concert in Cuba: “These have been hard times”

the cuban musician Emilio Friasconductor of the orchestra The Child and the Truthannounced a new concert in Cuba after spending long months without being able to perform on the island due to being censored by the State.

“These have been hard times, but The Truth is like the Sun, it cannot be covered with a finger. Sunday February 5 returns to the stages of Cuba The Child and the Truth. Thanks to all those who have fought tirelessly, for this to come true, “said the singer on his social networks.

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The concert will be at the Pink Room of La Tropical and will have as guests adonis panter Y alexander abreu. Frías announced that that same day at the end of the show there will be a concert by Havana D’Primera, a group whose leader (Alexander Abreu) ​​gave him full support in the most difficult moments.

“Back to my house, with my people, with the neighborhood, with my town and stronger than ever. The joy that I feel, I am sure is the same that many will feel for this beautiful news, but as José Martí said, there is 3 things that always come out, the sun, the moon and the truth. You can’t miss these 2 super concerts together with PMM Eventos to celebrate the return of El Niño and La Verdad and closing Havana D’Primera”, he said.

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In September 2022 Frías suffered a episode of censorship at the Casa de la Música de Galianowhen he tried to release his song Change which deals with the Cuban migration crisis and the need for political change in the country.

This generated a great controversy on social media. The Ministry of Culture accused Frías of promoting the situation and began to cancel all his concerts in the country.

The musician traveled to Mexico and many people thought that he would leave Cuba, but he assured that he would not. He returned to Havana, despite the fact that the cultural institutions had closed several projects that he had at the end of 2022.

He denounced this situation with strong words. “Yes I am living censorship, because this has no other name than ‘CENSORSHIP’ and I will not beg for something that belongs to me in my own right. Playing in Cuba is a right that I earned and the people gave it to me,” he said in October.

Frías used a tenth to answer the reasons why he returned to Cuba despite the censorship of the State and stressed that if he was on the island it was for his daughter.

“Why I turned around they ask me / Some stunned / Seeing my calm laugh / At the rifles that are pointed at me / Only fears emerge / When the free soul lives / There is no pain to mitigate it / And to be honest / I turned for what I love most / Does it answer your question?” Said the artist.

In December Frías lived an emotional moment when he was invited by the musician Alexander Abreu and his band Havana D’Primera to sing in the Cuban capital.

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to sing again to my people from all over Havana and thanks to all the Cubans who were there for the welcome and love they gave me,” said Frías.

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El Niño y la Verdad announces concert in Cuba: “These have been hard times”