El Niño reacts to censorship in his concert and predicts the end of “an absurd bloodthirsty ideology”

Cuban singer and songwriter Emilio Friasconductor of the orchestra The Boy and the Truthreacted to censorship episode of which he was a victim this Saturday and he did it with a shocking text in which He warned that “one day everything will be different in Cuba” and that the end of what he described as “absurd bloodthirsty ideology” will come.

“One day everything will be different, one day my pupils, still young but exhausted from so much suffering, will see the light of hope reflected in the warmth of a kiss, one day life will come looking for death and will show it its full hands of life, in his eyes full of death and will be reborn like the phoenix from its ashes ‘El Amor’”, the singer wrote on Facebook in an emotional publication in which he did not make direct reference to the incident.

“One day the children will laugh, the grandparents will rest in their armchair again, the young people will have a dream, but a dream here! Next to their parents and their children. One day I will witness that indolence, abuse and greed was the end and extinction of an absurd bloodthirsty ideology, which cost blood, pain and tears”, added the interpreter.

“One day, which is not today, but our illusion will come from the hand of our sacrifice, they will swim in the sea of ​​abundance and the fruits of our harvest will multiply. One day another Martí and another Maceo will be born and I only ask to be able to contemplate that Day before I die. ‘Cambio’ Alaroye y Bien”, the musician concluded his heartfelt reflection that has received thousands of reactions and hundreds of comments, many of them from music colleagues.

(Source: Capture of Facebook / El Niño and The Truth)

Emilio Frías was the victim of censorship during a concert this Saturday at the House of Music of Galiano, in Havana. Images broadcast on social networks showed the moment in which an audio technician who refused to turn off the amplification equipment was removed from the scene by a security guard who carried the man to remove him from the premises.

“Let people see you turning it off. He is finished. Knock it down if you want now,” said Emilio Frías as tempers flared in the sound area.

In the video, which spread like wildfire, you can see a man in a blue sweater refusing to manipulate the audio controls and another in a long-sleeved white shirt signaling that the concert was over.

And if they’re going to do that, I’ll come back and tell them, if they’re going to get like that, don’t invite me anymore. Don’t call me anymore and get me out of everywhere, get me off television, get me off the radio, the only place you won’t be able to get me is from the hearts of all Cubans,” commented the interpreter, visibly annoyed.

Wherever I am, I will be in the hearts and minds of all Cubans”, concluded Emilio Frías before singing his song dedicated to Yemayá.

In the last few hours, the painful incident has generated many words of support for the singer, who is about to leave for Mexico on a month-long tour. The singer’s fate has led many to suppose that he may not return to the island, much more so after what happened this Saturday.

Emilio Frías has planned for next Friday, September 16, the premiere of a song entitled “Change”, which promises to unceremoniously tackle the delicate situation that the island is going through.

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El Niño reacts to censorship in his concert and predicts the end of “an absurd bloodthirsty ideology”