Eduin Caz: why the Grupo Firme singer hasn’t eaten for several days

has been characterized by sharing with his followers in some moments of his daily life, in which he always radiates a good mood, but in recent days his countenance has not been the same as always, generating the concern of all the people who are aware of him.

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Before the image shown by the vocalist of the his fans sent him a series of messages to find out what was happening to him, so he had to go out publicly to reveal what happened to him.

Yes OK Eduin Caz revealed that it is wrong, it does not seem to be something so serious, so his followers could feel calmer, although he also said that he has not eaten normally for a few days due to complicated pain.

The Grupo Firme singer gave details about his current state of health (Photo: Eduin Caz / Instagram)


Through a story posted on his account the Mexican artist confessed that he has been in intense pain for a few days because he pulled a tooth.

In the same way, he taught a type of liquid or shake that he is consuming every day because that pain prevents him from eating food as usual.

“Many messages are coming to me about why the long face. Those who know, I had my tooth pulled about 10 days ago and have been in excruciating pain ever since. It’s something called alveolitis.”counted Eduin Caz.

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A few months ago, the Mexican singer had worried his fans and his family with some photos, in which he had been seen in a hospital receiving help.

First of all, Eduin Caz He said that he had to receive oxygen because the cold of those times affected him, taking into account that he is a person who suffers from asthma. In the same way, he ruled out that he was infected with COVID-19.

Later, he had to be treated in a health center because a hiatal hernia was detected.

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As a result of its success, It has appeared in the Top 10 of the best paid groups of Pollstar magazine. This is one of the world’s leading trade publications for the concert and live music industry, as well as one of the most successful international consultancies in this field.

In its most recent evaluation of the music industry, Pollstar revealed that Billy Joel, Bruno Mars and Grupo Firme are the artists with the highest income so far this year in the United States, according to information from Bandamax.

Specifically, it was revealed that the “Firm Group” has an estimated income of 3 million dollars per tour, ranking third on this list.

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Eduin Caz: why the Grupo Firme singer hasn’t eaten for several days