Eduin Caz and the drunkenness that could take its toll on his stardom

Firm Group is one of the groups that in recent years has had a meteoric rise to fame as representative of the Mexican regional, but the scandals surrounding its vocalist Eduin Caz sometimes overshadows the band’s good fortune.

Eduin Caz, singer of Grupo Firme, drinks from a red glass during a show at Foro Sol in March 2022 (Photo: Media and Media/Getty Images).

Eduin Caz and Jairo Corrales created the group originally from the Tijuana border in 2014. Three years later they recorded their first album and since then Grupo Firme has won several awards, including Juventud, Lo Nuestro, Billboard de la Música Latina and Latin Grammy.

According to the AP agency, Grupo Firme gets to charge up to 2.3 million dollars per concert and being one of the partners, first voice and leader, Eduin Caz takes most of the slice. Only last summer the Mexican group occupied 5th place on Pollstar’s list of the 20 most successful tourswith average revenues above 3.1 million dollars.

The well-earned fame and popularity, however, would also have begun to take its toll on Eduin, who, due to an oversight in one of his first promos, has been awarded a bad reputation that now seems to be an everyday situation.

In an interview for Telemundothe 28-year-old singer revealed that at the beginning of his career he did not drink but many people thought otherwise, especially after seeing him in his first video where he appears very partying and with a beer which belonged to his companion Abraham. “Then, at concerts people would give me drinks to drink and I would get drunk in 20 minutes; I had to learn to drink and now I really drink, and now they can’t stop me“, he said in the interview.

Even his brother Jhonny has revealed Eduin’s fondness for drinks. When the singer appeared in space Pinky Promise Last August, he confessed that the best thing about having a group with his brother is “that it has strengthened the relationship” between them, but he also explained that the hardest thing is “he’s really drunk” and a bad drink, so he doesn’t enjoy “putting up with Eduin because “one has to stop drinking to take care of him”.

Although Jhonny laughed and tried to lighten the anecdote, several videos of his brother Eduin in an apparent state of drunkenness dominate social networks. One of the last shows the vocalist lying on stage without reacting while it is Jhonny himself who must lead the concert in Guadalajara.

The team tries to wake up Eduin and when they do, he gets up and as if nothing happened, continues the show and says that he was finally as he wanted to be: drunk.

Perhaps the situation would not be so serious or, at least, it would not go beyond the singer’s eccentricity, if it were not for the fact that months ago the same Eduin revealed that he suffers from chronic hiatal hernia and this already put him at risk after one of his presentations at the Foro Sol in Mexico City last May.

Hiatal hernia occurs when the upper part of the stomach swells and protrudes through the diaphragm into the chest cavity; it causes food and acid to back up into the esophagus, causing heartburn. If acid reflux is not treated, the inflammation of the esophagus worsens and can lead to esophagitis or ulcers that cause pain in the chest or in the “pit of the stomach”.

In the case of the singer, has affected your vocal cords and could be at risk of losing your voice. The main recommendation that the doctors gave him was to reduce alcohol consumption, something that obviously has not happened.

Those who are my true fans know that I have a chronic hiatal hernia, that they had told me that the tomadera had to control it, even cancel it and that day I completely forgot.Eduin Caz

And although on that occasion he also assured that it was only the problem that he was diagnosed with and that it had nothing to do with drugs, a recent confession has once again set off alarms among his family and followers.

Now the interpreter get over me He said that after Saul’s fight Cinnamon Álvarez against Gennady Golovkin in Las Vegas last September to which he was invited, during the celebration party, he used drugs.

According to his testimony, he was at the Zouk Night Club, a private event attended by personalities from entertainment and sports in Mexico. One of those present would have given him a marijuana gummy.

“We arrived very early and we started playing cards, blackjack, we were playing, and other friends who like to smoke were going, I don’t smoke. I swear I don’t use drugs, it’s not my thing and I’m not given to it; drunkenness, welcome, but drugs are not my thing and a friend tells me: ‘no, all of them’, he brought some gumdrops and he gave me a gumdrop”.

As he said, his first? experience with the gummies caused him hallucinations of seeing how “people stopped waiting for me for a photo and in my mind I said ‘are they going to hit me or what?’ I got up and started running between the little machines, I was in another world, i felt in The Walking Dead“.

Eduin’s excesses threaten to tarnish his career, now that Grupo Firme intends to make a bioseries, or so his vocalist has stated. “We have talked lately about doing a series, we want to do a series, everything we have experienced on this tour that was very special because it was a stadium tour and it closed on September 15. What we want for next year is to do that tour , but now 360 in the stadium and making a series with everything we have documented from that tour”.

And all those plans can only happen if the leader puts his health before his weakness for alcohol.


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Eduin Caz and the drunkenness that could take its toll on his stardom