Eddie Vedder expels fan from Pearl Jam concert for violent behavior

eddie veddervocalist of pearl jam, an uncomfortable situation happened during a concert that the band offered in Switzerland. The musician expelled a fan from the show after he accused her of hitting another spectator.

The moment was recorded when the group performed their song “Animal” at the Hallenstadion, located in the north of Zurich, at a concert as part of the band’s European tour.

On stage, Vedder He noticed a brawl among the crowd, a fact that led him to stop his presentation to face the alleged perpetrator, who had beaten a man who was filming part of the show.

“Turn on the lights, please,” Vedder requested. “Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, I saw the whole thing. I know, I was bugging you. You were bugging that he was filming the whole time,” he said into the microphone.

“The thing is, I know it bothered you, but you can’t hit him on the head either, even if you’re a woman. I appreciate the fact that you can be strong. Stop hitting him, you’re leaving here. Violence is not allowed,” he said. vocalist.

Given the reaction of the public, eddie vedder He added: “I’m sorry ma’am, violence is not allowed. You could have waved at me, I was looking right at you. I’m sorry about this but it’s just not right, we’re not beating people up here. I’m sorry.”


In August 2016, the leader of pearl jaminterrupted a show he was performing with his band in Chicago to throw out one of the spectators who had assaulted a woman seconds before.

In a video taken by an attendee, the vocalist is heard saying, “Hey, sir, take your finger out of that woman’s face…everyone’s pointing at you. Get the hell out of here, sir.”

The public began booing the man and the security team removed the man from the premises. Vedder was concerned about the woman and asked her several times if she was okay.

The gesture of eddie vedder He received the applause of those present for the action and in social networks they highlighted the action of the vocalist of pearl jam.


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Eddie Vedder expels fan from Pearl Jam concert for violent behavior