Duki returns to the trap with ‘Givenchy’ and unleashes the madness in networks

Duko fans are in luck because, after a long time, has returned to the trap. The Argentine has become one of the most listened to artists in the world thanks to songs like ‘Malbec’, ‘YaMeFui’ or ‘If they want to frontear’. Now he’s put himself in ‘devil mode’ (as he says) with ‘Givenchy’.

Duki became known in ‘The fifth step’, cradle of many urban singers that we know today as Trueno, Wos or Paulo Londra. With her song ‘She do n’t give a fo’ she made her way into the music scene, and in 2021 she released her album ‘reggaeton season’which consists of two parts.

After anticipating in his single ‘La Vuelta’ that he was going to keep away from reggaeton for a while, people had been excited about his return to trap. And Duki has more than fulfilled that return. Now it’s time to talk about ‘Givenchy’ and how did you react the world to her.

During this week thousands of posters have appeared in Spain and Latin America announcing that Duki was returning to trap. In networks, a part of the song had been leaked, which sounded like pure trap, but the Argentine wanted troll their fans at the beginning of the video clip with a bit of reggaeton. Even Ibai believed it!

Social networks have not been slow to flood with comments about the song, which has already been more than 2.5 million views in just a few hours, and everyone agrees on the same thing: “The king has returned”, “Duko has done it again”…

The Argentine artist has been this summer for the most important festivals in Spain and at Ibai’s Evening of the Year, where he announced that at the beginning of next year he will set foot in Barcelona and Madrid with his ‘The End of the World’ tour.

Without a doubt, his return to trap is one of the most important events currently music. We’ll see what Duko surprises us with in the future! For now, I’m going to press play on ‘Givenchy’ again, which will surely play at their concerts.

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Duki returns to the trap with ‘Givenchy’ and unleashes the madness in networks