Due to a concert by Daddy Yankee, the classic paisa could not be played at the Atanasio: this is the proposal of Medellín

The undated paisa classic for a concert at the Atanasio Girardot: this is the proposal of the DIM

Through a statement published by Independent Medellin on its website, the Antioquia team reported the proposed date to the Dimayor to perform the ‘classic country‘ scheduled for date 18 of the championship. Initially this meeting had been projected to be played on the weekend of October 15 and 16. However, the Atanasio Girardot stadium was rented on that date for the concert of the Reggaeton singer, daddy yankee.

Avoiding having to play the Derby Antioquiawhere National Athletic It will act as a local, but for a few years it has had the presence of the two fans, outside the ‘Mountain Capital‘. The Independent Medellin proposed Wednesday 5 or Thursday 6 October as days to hold the game without hindering the development of the BetPlay League because it would be played between day 15, 30 to 2 October, and day 16, 9 and 10 of the same month:

“We know what a show like the Clásico Paisa means for the city, socially and economically, which is why, in order to meet the conditions of playing at the Atanasio, with our people and taking care of the recovery times of the squad to face the remaining calendar, Independiente Medellín proposes to comply with the programming of the date 18 of the League on October 5 or 6.

We understand and have experienced the impasses generated by the programming of concerts on the highest sports stage in the city, therefore, as an act of collegiality, but above all, prioritizing our sports performance and the benefit that this decision represents for our fans, we are willing to play on those dates.

Let this be the opportunity to generate ties that allow us to seek future solutions and that the most colorful classic in the country, the #ClásicoPaisa, is always played at the Atanasio”.

Independent Medellin He was already forced to give up his home ground in the duel on Day 13 where he will receive Sports Pereira. The stadium chosen for this match is the Ditaires Metropolitan Stadium in Itagüí after a concert by the Mexican group Maná was scheduled at the Atanasio Girardot in recent weeks. This same thing happened in the first half of 2022 when the classic paisa was played in the South Envigado Sports Center with a reduced capacity due to the loan of the most important sports venue in Medellín for a cultural event.

Independiente Medellín won the first paisa classic of the second half of 2022

In the 310th edition of the classic paisa, Independiente Medellín and Atlético Nacional They arrived in need of points so as not to get away from the eight from Colombia that will compete for the Christmas star.

After the initial whistle of the match judge, John Alexander Ospinathe emotions would come in just 35 seconds after a closed corner kick from the left side of Vladimir Hernandez who connected with his head Andrew Cadavid that made him tremble Athanasius. The central defender scored the fastest goal in the history of the Antioquia classics, surpassing the one scored by Jorge Agudelo in 2003 at 42 seconds.

It was the night of diber changing who increased the score over 21 minutes after an error by Andrés The rifle Andrade, who lost the ball in his own field, which was well used by Adrián Arregui who joined Luciano Pons who assisted the former América de Cali who sent it to save with his left leg.

As that phrase says: “He who is a gentleman repeats” he applied it Diber changing who scored the third header after a long pass from Andres Ricaurte that he had all the freedom to assist his teammate who at 29 games had already won the Medellin 3-0.

After a penalty sanctioned by Ospina after a tough tackle Mosquera Marmolejo on Angle At 32 minutes, the person in charge of scoring the first goal was Jefferson Duque, who charged with his right leg, leaving the goalkeeper static. Powerful.

Five from the end changing Y Pons exchanged papers after a long exit from Medellín that the Diber He headed for the Argentine who finished off from the left and the ball passed between the legs of Kevin Mier. National Athletic discounted with a penalty at 64 minutes through Jefferson Dukewho reached 102 goals with the King of Cups and accumulates nine annotations in classics from Antioquia.

Dorlan Pabon scored the last goal of the duel after a kick from outside the area that went to Mosquera’s corner and the concern passed to David González’s bench who saw how National was close to a draw.


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Due to a concert by Daddy Yankee, the classic paisa could not be played at the Atanasio: this is the proposal of Medellín