Dudu Braga, son of singer Roberto Carlos, dies at 52

The artist Roberto Carlos He is going through one of his most complicated stages due to the death last Wednesday of his son, Roberto Carlos Braga, who was 52 years old, suffered from cancer and was popularly known as Dudu. It has been the Brazilian singer himself, considered a true benchmark of Latin music, who has shared the sad news. “Dudu, for us you are unforgettable and irreplaceable. See you soon!”, He has said along with a video composed of different images that review the life of his son, including the day he took him in his arms for the first time in the hospital as soon as he was born, his growth and the unforgettable moments that they have lived together so much in the field personal as well as professional.


In addition to the words of the interpreter of such well-known topics as Lady Laura, A million friends O The cat that is sad and blue the medical center where they have been treating their son, who was a music producer as well as an announcer and drummer for a music group called RC na veia, has also made a statement. “The Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein communicates, with regret, the death of Mr. Roberto Carlos Braga II (Dudu Braga), at 2:21 pm, as a result of cancer. The patient underwent a series of hospitalizations for chemotherapy and surgery “, indicates the document signed by the oncologist Fernando Maluf.

As reported in the newspaper O Globo in conversation with Roberto Carlos’s assistant, the artist, who just a decade ago he lost his stepdaughter Anna Paula Rossi, he is “devastated” by the death of Dudu Braga, who was diagnosed long ago with cancer of the pancreas and peritoneum. What’s more, He had a visual impairment that was never an obstacle. On his own website, he explained that he felt privileged due to the facilities he had to find possible solutions to his problem. and that his cheerful character never allowed him to get depressed by his problem but chose to adapt to live as well as possible.

The announcer, who has presented the radio program for many years The songs you made for me, was fired by his loved ones in the Bela Vista neighborhood of São Paulo, where a mass was celebrated attended by both his father and his widow, the blogger Valeska Braga, and their three children, Laura, Giovanna and Gianpietro (these last two born from a previous relationship). At the farewell, which was officiated by the priest Antonio María, some personalities from the country were also present, such as the actor Tom Cavalcante and his wife, Patricia Lamounier. For this last goodbye, Roberto Carlos fulfilled the last wish of his son and attended according to the aforementioned newspaper with the Corinthians shirt, a team he was a fan of and who has also publicly mourned his loss.


Your last great joy

Just over a month ago, The music producer had a beautiful moment when he said “yes, I want” to his partner, with whom he had been in a relationship for 17 years and with whom he had been the father of little Laura for the third time. It was the magazine Faces who exclusively showed the images of this intimate and discreet link officiated by the same priest who has been in his farewell. “We put it off for a long time and since I got sick, there was a concern. Also, Laura is 5 years old, she is growing and she was able to bring the rings, it is very special,” he explained very excited. During the celebration, the participation of Roberto Carlos stood out, who interpreted some songs for the married couple, to whom he also dedicated some beautiful words: “I wish you much happiness, joys, health, peace and love. My son is my idol.”

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Article: Soure