‘Du Hast’ sounds in the Zócalo: Richard Z. Kruspe, from Rammstein, improvises concert in CDMX

Du-Hast continues to resonate in Mexico City: after lighting up Foro Sol for two concerts, guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe of Ramstein, he took people in the Zócalo by surprise by playing on the street.

surrounded by fans, the german took out his guitar and began to play the emblematic theme, which is the second single from the album Sehnsuchtfrom 1997, which earned the group led by Till Lindemann his first nomination for the Grammy Awards in 1999, in addition to being part of the film The Matrix (1999), comedy They went up the smoke (2001), as well as in an episode of Gilmore Girls.

The moment was captured by the lucky Chilango passers-byuser Janneth A. Fuantos (JxaCrash) wrote on Twitter: “Going out of the hotel after last night see Rammstein in concert Y you find Richard playing in the Zócalo. I don’t believe her” and later she added: “I’m still shaking”.

In the videos that circulate on social networks, he is seen smiling, while his Mexican followers sing the theme of Du-Hastwhose lyrics are in German and have phrases like “Willst du bis der Tod euch scheidet (“Do you want to live until death do us part?”).

Rammstein and its closeness to Mexican fans

During their visit to Mexico, the members of Rammstein were very close to their fans. In fact, Richard Z. Kruspe was the one who gladly received a stuffed animal which was thrown out of the public during concerts (which many fans of the band had previously objected to).

In addition, the band launched a call on social networks in favor of inclusion, addressed to its followers with blindness: “Are you blind and do you have a ticket for the Rammstein show in Mexico on Tuesday, October 4? Rammstein invites you to play and discover the stage on a guided tour!” they wrote on Twitter.

Likewise, the members met Diego in persona boy from Monterrey who suffers from Hodgkin’s lymphomawhose dream was to attend one of the concerts at Foro Sol and he achieved it thanks to the ‘cooperacha’ of several organized fans.

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‘Du Hast’ sounds in the Zócalo: Richard Z. Kruspe, from Rammstein, improvises concert in CDMX