Driver of ‘Gossip no Like’ is hospitalized in an emergency and is in serious condition | VIDEO

Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani.

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the famous show “Gossip No Like” He is not having his best moment, because in addition to the fact that a couple of days ago his studio was looted, one of his drivers is in serious condition in the hospital.

This is Eleazar “El kompayaso”, who has collaborated on the YouTube program on different occasions. Just this Wednesday Details of his state of health were given, since his condition had been kept secret, so now they ask for help for him, also a comedian.

Eleazar del Valle, 52 years old, was hospitalized in an emergency at clinic number 24 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) for five days due to health complications. According to Lili Cabañas, the collaborator of the show program is delicate.

Through the YouTube channel “Lili Cabañas Paparazzamx”, It was revealed that the presenter had a strong kidney and liver infection, for which he had to be hospitalized and undergo dialysis.

However, a few days ago he had to travel to Guadalajara to fulfill a commitment that he could not postpone, so his condition worsened and when he returned to Mexico City he sought medical attention.

“He had a strong liver and kidney infection, they had to do dialysis and he was hospitalized in a private place… he had to go to Guadalajara to make a presentation because it was impossible to cancel and he gave the show, he returned to Mexico City and He tried to enter an important public hospital, he is right now in the General Hospital of zone #24 in bed 21”.


Meanwhile, the IMSS reported that the medical staff stabilized the comedian who remained in the emergency room, also clarified that a “surgical problem” was ruled out and thus he entered the floor, where he is currently. After orienting the family to discharge him, “he started the protocol to see if he is a candidate for hemodialysis.”

“There have been comedian friends who have gone to visit him, for example: Pepe Magaña, Homerito, they were there and the idea is to be able to organize a benefit show because there is no money when you are in the hospital… and the truth is the situation of Eleazar is quite delicate regarding the part of the finances”

Finally, the driver pointed out that until this Wednesday the members of the “Gossip No Like” production, including Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain, did not know the health status of their partner, however, since then they have been on the lookout for the situation.

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Driver of ‘Gossip no Like’ is hospitalized in an emergency and is in serious condition | VIDEO