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The musical groups that managed to succeed have something in common: an attractive name that is easy to memorize. Without a doubt, Doomscroll has a certain charm and we can see a metal band that is baptized that way. That’s what a 38-year-old American guitarist thought who, after trying to register that name, received an email from a lawyer from Id Software.

Dustin Mitchell, an Amazon worker and guitarist from Dallas, Texas, spoke to the portal WIRED about his unexpected legal duel against Id Software, the studio responsible for the franchise DOOM.

During the interview, the man assured that the name of his future band has nothing to do with the franchise DOOM and explained that the word Doomscroll refers to the action of consuming negative news on social networks. He said that the term he heard from a local news story and he liked how it sounds, so he decided to use it for his musical group.

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So Dustin Mitchell registered the band’s name with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in February 2021. A few months later his registration was approved and 30 days later he was notified that the trademark would be legally established. However, on October 13, he received an email from an Id Software lawyer who would change his plans.

The musician will fight to keep his band name

The 38-year-old guitarist assured that he was a big fan of the classic titles of DOOM, because I played them a lot when I was a child. Also, he said he heard the soundtrack of DOOM Eternal 2020, so he couldn’t deny his amazement for now facing off against the creators of those games by the name of their metal band.

A trademark attorney told WIRED that the attorneys at Id Software will most likely try to protect the franchise from any confusion. In fact, it appears that the studio intervened to prevent other people from using the word “Doom” in trademarks as happened with the “Maryland Doom Fest” festival and the “Garden of Doom” podcast.

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Unfortunately for Dustin Mitchell, his case won’t end until 2023. By then, he may find a better name for his band and that he won’t be embroiled in as many legal troubles.

But tell us, what do you think of this situation? Do you think the lawyers at Id Software are right? Let us read you in the comments.

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DOOM Study Prevents Musician From Using The Name “Doomscroll” For His Band | LevelUp