Don Omar announces new music after controversy with Raphy Pina and Daddy Yankee

Don Omar got involved in a controversy with Daddy Yankee and Raphy Pina before announcing new music.

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“New music, are you ready?” Was the message he wrote Don Omar by publishing a preview of what will be his next song, a collaboration with Akon, who appears in the video published by Don Omar and is labeled by the interpreter of “Danza Kuduro”.

This next musical premiere of the Puerto Rican singer comes after a few days in which He has been involved in a controversy with Raphy Pina, a music industry businessman who is currently in prison, and with Daddy Yankee, who is touring the world prior to his retirement from music.

This announcement was received in a very good way by the followers of Don Omar, one of the most recognized reggaeton performers in the world.

It all started with an interview with ‘El Chombo’ Don Omar explained what has been a rumor for years: what happened with Daddy Yankee when they were organizing a joint tour and for various reasons they did not reach an agreement.

After Don Omar’s words, Raphy Pina, who was working with Don Omar at the time, came out to give his version of the events. He was involved in the situation and wanted to clarify, for his part, what happened with Don Omar, Daddy Yankee and that concert tour.

From jail, Pina recorded a video giving details of what happened according to him, assuring that Don Omar breached the contract and for that reason neither Daddy Yankee nor he wanted to continue with the plans.

“We make a very simple, simple contract: they earn the same and give me a percentage. The three of us are partners, ”said Pina in his statement, before explaining that they started producing the show, how it was made, and what ended up happening.

See the full statements here raphy pina Y Don Omar.

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Don Omar announces new music after controversy with Raphy Pina and Daddy Yankee