June 11, 2021

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Dollar Selmouni, chronicle of his concert in Barcelona (2021)

Dollar Selmouni chronicle of his concert in Barcelona 2021

If there was a specific concert that the pandemic owed me – the debut tour of Dollar Selmouni it was canceled (like many others) during the pandemic – it was the Mallorcan. Framed in the multicultural scene of Cruïlla XXS and held in the backyard of the Disseny Hub museum in Barcelona with the AGBAR tower as a backdrop and at an hour in the afternoon conducive to generating the perfect atmosphere for the concert, the gig lasted one hour and half during which the sun was setting giving way to a most pleasant and ideal darkness,Dollar Selmounihe laid bare his art and his soul for an audience, mostly youthful, eager for the art of the Balearic Islands.

The biggest mistake when it comes to talking about Dollar is to consider him a rapper, a term that today has become widespread and popularized in such a way that, even to an artist like Dollar Selmouni,who has as a rapper the same as me as an interior designer, is applied to him without much knowledge. Especially considering that Dollar is a soul man, a guy who treats r & b as it was in the beginnings of the genre, from love and passion, from emotion and sensitivity, unadulterated but spicing up with blues, reggae, son and urban in a prodigious and masterful way demonstrating that his growth as an artist and his humility as a person is exponential.

Many of the wonders pertaining to his already distant debut of 2019 titled “Children” together with Kvinz, who accompanied him to the bases at all times, supported by a live guitarist with a witch hat and twice as old as both of them together. But the night had some stellar surprises in store for us. Like that kind of version he has of “Havana” putting the chorus of “The skinny girl”, the animated appearance of Hard GZ to play a duet “When night falls” or that explosive ending with “Chacho” and “So that they enjoy it”, to name a few of them. But it is clear that the most unexpected of all was the version he gave us of “The site of my Recreation” by Antonio Vega, announcing that it would be included in his imminent new album.

Attentive, continuously thanking the respectable, communicative, apologizing to everyone for the situation that forces us to remain seated in our assigned places, professional, giving an impeccable and reverential format and quality to the live show, and close, joking with the subject of the auto-tune that he does not use and asking people if they had known him since his appearance in La Resistencia, the concert of Dollar Selmouni it became an oasis of sonic pleasure articulated through sensitivity, delicacy and vocal virtuosity.

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