Does Oscar de la Hoya sing? Athletes who tried their luck in music

There are some athletes that they did not always know that sport would be their calling, then the music it was a topic that they were more attracted to and they sought to dedicate themselves to it first (or mix both). Characters like Pelé, Óscar de la Hoya and even Shaquille O’Neal They share this peculiar taste, where they even turned out to be singers.

The music and football are two worlds that have coincided for decadesWell, characters from each have tried their luck and sought to succeed in the other discipline, where very few have been lucky, but at least they have a very curious anecdote to tell.

Óscar de la Hoya (Boxer)

Who will figure inside the ring with a powerful punch and later will work very closely with him Canelo Alvarez, had a facet as a singer that very few know, because took advantage of his fame to record an album although it did not go quite well.

By the year 2000 Óscar de la Hoya launched several musical themes trying to combine his success in the ring with music, remembering that he was still active, and despite the fact that he caused an impact because of his talent, his thing was to fight and win world titles.

Sandro Guzmán (Footballer)

The Argentine exporter from clubs like Velez Sarsfield, Boca Juniors, All Boys Among others, he also had a facet like this, where his case was somewhat different, since he did dedicate himself fully to music after retiring from the sport after 9 years in business.

This man changed the gloves by reggae music, where became known as Jah Sandro and record various songs, which were the novelty for the years 2005-2006.

Shaquille O’Neal (Basketball Player)

One of the best NBA players It also had its musical side, because O’Neal had influence on several albums, The same that he edited and gave them a personal touch, although when he wanted to release his own, he was no longer so lucky.

Shaquille O’Neal worked alongside the record company Jive Records, same that made known to the Backstreet Boys. He worked on the editing part of the albums Respect, Shaq-Fu, Shaq Diesel and You Can’t Stop the Reign and even recorded Own, Shaquille O’Neal Presents His Superfriends, although this one never could see the light of the day.

Guillermo Vilas (Tennis Player)

The Argentine tennis player, who won tournaments like Roland Garros y el US Open in the late 1970s, it was also meddling within the world of song.

This man worked together with Luis Alberto Spinetta, who accompanied him to record the album ‘Only love can sustain’, the only one in English that he had in his career. In addition to this, the Former tennis player recorded his album called ‘Milnuevenoventa’.

Pelé (Footballer)

The mythical O’King Pele, one of the best footballers of all history, He recorded a couple of songs at different stages of his life, a little-known facet of the Brazilian. On 1969 gtail the song ‘I don’t have forgiveness’ with Elis Regina, in addition to that in 2006 showed his musical gifts in the ‘Ginga’ album and in 2016, prior to Rio Games, recorded the song ‘Esperança’.

“I have written many books, I scored a lot of goals, I had many children and I planted many trees. The only thing I was missing was a musical memory of my life, “Pele said in an interview with The Guardian a few years ago.

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Does Oscar de la Hoya sing? Athletes who tried their luck in music