Discover the place where C. Tangana and Nathy Peluso recorded the sexy video clip for “Ateo”

C. Tangana is currently one of the Spanish artists with the greatest international projection

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The video clip that accompanies the new song by C. Tangana with Nathy Peluso, “Atheist”, not only draws attention to the sensual dance what both singers do, but for the architectural beauty where they recorded.

Through the video you can see the interior of the Cathedral of Toledo, Spain, which is one of the most iconic buildings in the country.

It is said that the production of the video had to pay around 15.000 euros for renting space, something like $ 17,370. The money charged for the use of the Cathedral is destined to the fund of the social works of the cathedral.

The deal for the filming of the video was made through Juan Miguel Ferrer Grensche, who is in charge of the dean of the Cabildo Primate; Nevertheless the archbishopric had not heard anything.

Now, with the published video, a controversy has been created as some faithful disagree with the material.

This place is considered one of the last great Gothic works of the XV century / Getty Images

About the Cathedral of Toledo

It is also known as Primate Cathedral of SpainIts construction dates from 1226 when Ferdinand III the Saint reigned in the Basque country, although the work was completely completed in 1493.

Measure 393,701 square feet high and 193.57 square feet wide.

There are several architects involved in the design and construction of the site featured in the “Atheist” video. Some related names are: Peter Peter, Rodrigo Alfonso, Pedro Tenorio, Hannequin from Brussels, Egas Cueman, Enrique Egas and Juan Guas.

Another attraction of the Cathedral are the paintings inside it. Each work is by different artists but John of Burgundy He is the author of the painting of the Mozarabic chapel and others by Maella.

Luis de Velasco is another of the artists present with a painting that represents the annunciation in on the tympanum above the gothic arch.

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