Discounts in cinemas, theaters, concerts … and vaccination at home, emergency measures with the ‘lazy’ to reach 90%

The Government and the autonomous communities face the enormous challenge of convince two million ‘lazy’ in vaccination against Covid. The goal is for the two doses to be injected at the 90% of the population for Spain to get herd immunity. For this reason, work has begun on a recruitment plan at the national level.

Vaccination against the coronavirus continues in the European Union, as no problems with supply of doses that had weighed down the beginning of the campaign.

With enough drugs to cover the target population, the obstacle now is the lack of arms to inject them. The pace has slowed and, in some countries, is practically stagnant in the absence of a large portion of inhabitants to be immunized.

It is necessary to reach 90% of the population

For now, the European Union has already covered the 65% of the population with at least one dose, and at 57.9% with the complete guideline, according to data from European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) until September 7.

With 12% of children under 12 years of age still without authorized medication, such as maximum, it will be possible to inoculate 88% of the population. But the Delta variant forces a 90% minimum to achieve group immunity, as the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, also recognized a week ago.

Concern in Health and in the autonomies

Spain is one of the countries with the highest coverage today, the 77.4% of the population with at least one dose, according to ECDC data, which allows comparison between EU countries. Just Portugal, with 84.4% having at least one puncture, and Malta (80.0%), currently have a larger portion of the protected population.

Still, vaccination coverage is not enough. A concern that has led the Ministry of Health and the autonomous communities to begin working on specific plans for the recruitment of laggards, as you may have learned Confidential Digital by sources close to the Interterritorial Health Council.

Catalonia has been the first region that has recognized that it explores formulas in this direction. Of particular concern are twenties and thirties, currently with coverage lower than adolescents, according to data from the Ministry of Health, despite having a higher risk of complications from the coronavirus.

National plan to convince the laggards

Knowledgeable sources of the conversations assure ECD that the autonomies are focused these days on close a national plan to catch the laggards.

Health authorities have calculated that around two million Spaniards fall into this segment.

They have identified three clearly differentiated typologies within this group of unvaccinated people: 1) those who they don’t want to get vaccinated, 2) those who they are afraid and they are postponing the prick to the maximum until they observe the effects in the rest of the population, but they do not rule out getting vaccinated, and 3) those who they have passed the Covid and they consider that it is not necessary to receive an extra immunization.

Discounts on leisure and large events

According to the sources consulted by ECD, the proposal that is most advanced in the repechage plan is to establish discounts in the price of cultural activities, leisure and large mass events for those who agree to get vaccinated.

It is a kind of “Positive discrimination” for the immunized, that the health authorities consider that it will not be overthrown by the Justice.

Offering incentives to access restaurants, as in the United Kingdom, has been ruled out. Nor has the possibility of involving large companies, such as Uber, Bolt and Deliveroo, been explored to obtain reductions in the prices of transfers and food at home, seeking the impact on those under 30 years of age.

Vaccination at home and calls

Most of the autonomies, which expected a recovery at the end of August that has not occurred With the return of the holidays, they intend to regain the rhythm this month by offering the home vaccination to the ‘lazy’.

An additional measure that will be accompanied by a aggressive offensive phone calls to the houses in the next few days. It is about doing pedagogy, explaining actively and passively the benefits of vaccines, and solving doubts.

Use the ‘influencers’ again

The goal is to achieve the highest number of vaccinated among students aged 12 to 19 at the beginning of the school year and establish initiatives to re-fish those people who have not yet taken any dose. The central government and the autonomous communities have also focused on the collective from 20 to 35 years old.

“We are wondering how we can reach this population. We talk to influencers so that they help us penetrate the networks ”, they acknowledge in one of the Health Departments that is already working on the plan that will be specified in the coming weeks in the Interterritorial Council.

It should be remembered that the Ministry of Health already resorted last year to the involvement of social media figures to launch a campaign for the prevention against coronavirus aimed at youth.

An alternative to the Covid certificate

In several autonomies they explain to ECD what that plan is the alternative in which they work to catch up with the laggards after the Supreme Court rejected the Covid certificate to access the hospitality industry.

It must be remembered that the High Court overturned the measure proposed by the Andalusian Government for nightlife when it understood that it was not well raised.

Other communities, such as the Canary Islands, Galicia and Cantabria, had also tried to apply it in restaurants and nightlife and already clashed with their respective Superior Courts of Justice. It was only accepted in the Balearic Islands, but for residences for the elderly and access to large events.

The High Court has understood that the request for the Covid certificate to access these places may affect fundamental rights like that of personal privacy. A circumstance that has led the central executive to completely rule out the study of a formula that requires having the Covid passport to be able to access the interior of certain establishments.

7 million vaccines in refrigerators

It is not overlooked that the slowdown in vaccination in summer has caused Spain to have, right now, more than seven million doses available in the refrigerators. A figure that would allow practically to vaccinate all the remaining population, as they insist ECD senior officials of the Ministry of Health.

The difference was significant in August compared to the previous month, with fewer arms available or ready to puncture. In the last month, the rate of immunization slowed down by 40% in Spain compared to July, which was a record.

Between July and August the number of new people with at least one puncture was 14.7 points more in the EU, compared to the 8.1 points that increased between August and September. The decline in pace has been general throughout Europe. Also in Spain, from 18.4 points of month-on-month growth to 13.2.

Article: Soure