June 11, 2021

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Diego the lobster. Singer arrested for assault on his partner

Diego the lobster Singer arrested for assault on his partner

Diego The Cigala He was arrested in Madrid after being denounced by his partner for alleged mistreatment. Diego Ramón Jiménez, the singer’s real name, was arrested by the police this June 9 in a hotel in the capital of Spain, after Your partner will file a complaint for an alleged crime of gender violence, they informed this Thursday to EFE sources Of the investigation.

The complaint was filed on Wednesday in the Spanish city of Jerez de la Frontera (south), his partner, cantaora Dolores Ruiz Méndez, known as Kina Méndez, filed a complaint yesterday for continuous mistreatment for two years, both physical and psychological, in a Jerez Police station and from there the request was sent to Madrid, which proceeded immediately to its location and detention.

After obtaining his freedom, El Cigala declared that he was very happy and that he was going to sing for Malaga. As for the reason for his arrest, he replied: “Surely it is money, women always want money,” he said and left.

The magistrate agreed to the singer’s freedom as there was no risk of flight. The adoption of precautionary measures, if any, are being processed in the Jerez court, the competent body as the victim’s domicile is in this town of Cádiz and where the case is being processed. The judge of Madrid has been inhibited from the actions of this judicial body.

Meanwhile, El Cigala’s lawyer pointed out that his client was released without any precautionary measure, neither personal nor property.

“We understand that there is no evidence whatsoever to support this complaint,” he stressed.

He said that the cantaor is “very well” and “wanting to prove the truth. He is in very good spirits because it has been shown that there is no basis for this complaint. Neither its authorship has been proven nor is there any reproach to my client ”.

“Yesterday, Dolores Méndez taking advantage of the fact that El Cigala had moved to Madrid to prepare for the continuation of his tour and the concert the day after tomorrow in Nerja (Malaga)”.

Immediately, the downtown police station in the capital received the order to arrest him and he was arrested at 10 p.m. (peninsular time) at the Catalonia hotel, located on Calle de Atocha, 81, in front of the famous train station.

The 52-year-old flamenco artist spent the night in a Madrid police station, it was this same day that a judge granted him freedom without precautionary measures The magistrate concluded that the precautionary measures must be determined in any case by the corresponding judicial body of the city of Jerez (Andalusia, south) where the alleged victim’s domicile is located.

It is not the first time that Diego El Cigala has been arrested by the Spanish Police and in 2014 he was convicted by a Madrid court for a lack of threats to a flight attendant on a flight in 2003.

The interpreter of hits like “Lágrimas Negras” has a career of more than 25 years in music, with approximately twelve record productions that have received awards such as Grammy and platinum records.

The Cigala He was married for 26 years to Amparo Fernández, who died in 2015 and with whom he had two children, and a year and a half later he married the Jerez-born cantaora Kina Méndez.