Diego Bertie: the artist who started as a musician, became an actor and was close to resuming his first passion

the peruvian actor He died this Friday, August 5 at the age of 54, after falling from the 14th floor of a building in the Miraflores district. Quickly, colleagues from the national and international entertainment industry shared messages mourning his loss. The also singer gave life to different characters throughout his career, for which he will always be remembered.

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“It is unfortunate news, Diego Bertie’s person has been found in his garage with multiple fractures in his legs and back. He has been transferred to the Casimiro Ulloa Hospital where he has arrived as a corpse. We are waiting for the hospital to give its statement to certify what is apparently a confirmed issue. Yes (he has passed away), it is the confirmation we have ”reported Mario Casaretto, commander of the General Corps of Volunteer Firefighters of Peru.

After the irreparable departure of the actor, the entertainment world fondly remembers Diego Bertie. More on his career, family and his latest projects below.

Long and successful history

Diego Felipe Bertie Brignardello was born on November 2, 1967. He found his passion for art when he was in college. Together with his classmates from the Administration course at the Universidad del Pacífico, he formed a pop rock group called Imagens in 1986. During the summer of the following year, they placed their singles “A Distancia” and “Buenos tiempo” on national radio.

One of his most remembered live performances was at the San Agustín Coliseum in October 1987 as opening act for the Spanish band Hombre G. Some time later, they released “Nuestra version” (1988), their first record production that includes hits like “Caras Nuevas ” and one more time”. After the separation of Images, she moved away from music to venture into acting. This is how he joined the director Osvaldo Cattone in the play “Annie”. After her outstanding participation, she got the main role in staging of classic works such as “Bodas de sangre”, “Life is a dream” and “Oedipus the king”.

Diego Bertie with Jimena Lindo, his co-star in the film “El bien elquivo” (2001), directed by Augusto Tamayo. (GEC Photo File)

His foray into soap operas was with “Rosa de América” ​​in 1988. In the 1990s, he was called to be part of soap operas such as “El hombre puede muerte” and “Natacha”. This last production would position him as a ‘telenovela heartthrob’, in addition to interpreting the main theme of the program with only 22 years. The Peruvian also had the opportunity to go through the big screen and achieved an outstanding performance. He began with a supporting role in the film “Ultra Warrior” (1990), a science fiction film in which the survivors of the nuclear holocaust fight against eccentric villains.

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Then he took center stage with films such as “Reportage on death” (1993) by Danny Gavidia, “Without compassion” (1994) and “Under the skin” (1996) by Francisco Lombardi, as well as “The elusive good” (2001) by Augusto Tamayo San Roman. But not only that, but within his filmography there are also “We are all stars” (1993), “Dead of love” (2002), “I die for Muriel” (2004) and “This smells bad” (2007 ).

Shortly after the end of the 1990s, he released his first solo album “Fuego Azul” (1997), from which songs such as “How difficult it is to love” emerge. This was followed by “Amares”, “Días de furia”, “La noche” and “El fuego que no ves”, which was composed by his partner Pedro Suárez Vértiz. By 2003, he released his second album “When Love Arrives”.

Bertie had the opportunity to go to Colombia and star in the soap opera produced by Caracol Television “La ex” (2006), along with Ruddy Rodríguez. In addition, he was called to participate in an episode of the Argentine series “Tiempo final”.

Back on stage, she managed to combine her two passions by being part of musicals such as “La novicia rebel” (2013) alongside actress Maria Grazia Gamarra and “Mamma Mía!” (2015) with Johanna San Miguel, Wendy Ramos, Ebelyn Ortiz, Gisella Ponce de León and Jesús Neyra.

Diego Bertie played Captain von Trapp in the musical "the rebel novice", next to Maria Grazia Gamarra.  (Photo: Alejandro Rojas)
Diego Bertie played Captain von Trapp in the musical “The Rebel Novice”, alongside Maria Grazia Gamarra. (Photo: Alejandro Rojas) / Alexander Rojas

After the cancellation of the “Hotel Otelo” project, it joined the seventh season of the successful Peruvian series “Al fondo hay lugar” produced by Efraín Aguilar. Berti confessed that he was not worried about the turn his character of Sergio Estrada, a psychoanalyst, could take. “Blindly I surrender and let myself be carried away by the writers. I know they are going to bring my character to fruition, otherwise they wouldn’t call me.” in that year.

Family life

On March 8, 1997, he married the psychologist Viviana Monge Valle Riestra, and as a result of that marriage he had a daughter named Aíssa, born in 1998. The relationship did not last long and, finally, they divorced in 2004. The divorce did not prevent both maintain a cordial relationship for the well-being of their daughter.

“I fell in love with a woman, Viviana Monge, who is my wife with whom I have 2 children. I have my 22-year-old daughter and I have a son who is not mine, he is not my blood, he is my daughter’s brother, he is a special child, he is a child who loves me and I love him as if he were my son ( …) Relationships when they are of love, it is a love that transcends time and even when they end”, said the actor in “Magaly TV: La Firme”.

The actor married the psychologist Viviana Monge.  (Photo: personal archive of Diego Bertie)
The actor married the psychologist Viviana Monge. (Photo: personal archive of Diego Bertie)

his last appearances

During a recent interview with Magaly Medina, the singer confirmed that he had a fleeting, albeit unsuccessful, relationship with the writer Jaime Bayly. “Indeed yes, I was a friend of Jaime. We had a short, failed relationship, it was not a relevant relationship (…) he exposed my privacy, violated my family, my daughter, my life, my career and did me a lot of damage ”said the actor.

In recent years, Bertie continued to be involved with television and starred in series such as “Back to the neighborhood”, where he played the role of the villain Luis Felipe Sandoval. His co-star, Paul Martin, stated that his colleague was a man “Charming with a huge and very sensitive heart. (…) I still haven’t finished processing it… there was a very good relationship with him and this news simply throws you off balance and unbalances you”.

In February 2022, Diego Bertie surprised by premiering the new version of “How difficult it is to love”, alongside the Peruvian singer Gabriela Gastelumendi, better known as Gala Brie. At the time, both artists were excited about this release, which accumulates thousands of views on digital platforms. Trade talked to Gala Brie. Faced with the unexpected news of her departure, the singer told how the collaboration came about.

I looked for him in 2020 to pay tribute to his song ‘How difficult it is to love’ and, very delighted, he agreed to do my version. When I showed it to her, she asked me to sing it too, and it ended up being a collaboration”. Also, she stressed that “It was very nice to meet him, even a little, to see him fulfilled with his return to music and to communicate with his audience through it. He was very brave and beautiful.”.

After announcing the return of “Al fondo hay lugar” for a ninth season, Bertie was asked about the possibility of playing his character again; However, he stressed that he was focused on his musical career. “I do not know if they will decide at some point to return to the character, I have not the slightest idea, it is not in my plans and it is not in their plans. For now, I’m focused on trying to get this music forward, which for me is a lot because I’m playing it all “he declared to Infobae.

As planned, Diego Bertie had recently announced his return to music. He wanted to delight all his followers with “The Good Times”, a show where he would bring together the best of rock from the 80s and 90s and would start on the last Thursday, August 4. This had to be postponed because, since Monday, Bertie had symptoms related to COVID-19. It was also known that the repertoire would include hits from his band Images, as well as from Soda Stereo, Fito Paez, Los Prisioneros and Alejandro Lerner, in addition to his solo singles.

“My house has been opened to music. People come, we play, we rehearse. And art is breathed here. I do not decorate: what I have are sensitive accumulations, ”she indicated. “I get very close to Buddhism because I feel that we have to learn to breathe, to stay on our axis. We are passing through, we are not going to avoid death, but we can transform that energy so that in another life we ​​are something better”said to .

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Diego Bertie: the artist who started as a musician, became an actor and was close to resuming his first passion