Did he beat Anitta? Anuel AA’s girlfriend joined the challenge and made an impact with the movement of her rear

Urban genre singer, Anuel AA and boyfriend of Yailin ‘La Más Viral’

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Dominican Jorgina Guillermo Díaz, better known as Yailin ‘The Most Viral’did not think much and joined the challenge of Anitta, to which, she considers that she did better than the Brazilian. For this reason, she took the opportunity to demonstrate the skills that she has when dancing reggaeton.

The reggaeton singer’s girlfriend, Anuel AAhe was seen in a closet with a white top and a diminutive blue shorts that appears to be a boxer, that was the clothing he used to record the aforementioned viral challenge.

The trend was born after the release of its theme song ‘To wrap’this is about dancing reggaeton in a very sensual way but practically lying on the floor.

The followers of different social networks spoke out for the sensual dance what the Dominican did and it is that some thought: “I can already imagine Anuel recording”, “you look very good”, “that is perrear” It was part of the more than two hundred thousand comments they left on the publication.

However, opinions were divided, as many of the followers of various networks stated that his rearguard seemed like a “jelly”while others scoffed by saying that their “implants in the buttocks were going to fly out”.

Yailin and Anuel AA’If you look for me

Recently, the singer’s fans asked him not to continue singing “If you are looking for me” during the concert tour that he is presenting, and it is a song that he recorded with the Dominican, since it seems that he did not have a positive receptivity from his followers.

The theme that came out on April 1, was to be released on February 14. However, they postponed the premiere because right in The date I had planned to leave is the birthday of Anuel AA’s ex.

Let us remember that, At the beginning of his relationship with the Colombian, the Puerto Rican rapper and composer recorded many songs togetherthis could be one of the reasons why his fans do not want to see him sing with Yailin and it is that for many it is still unacceptable that “so quickly” he has surpassed his ex.

Some of the songs they recorded were ‘Guilty’, ‘Secret’, ‘You say you’re leaving’, ‘Follow’, ‘I never want to hate you’, ‘Location’, ‘You don’t love’, ‘China’, ‘You failed’, among other.

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Did he beat Anitta? Anuel AA’s girlfriend joined the challenge and made an impact with the movement of her rear