Deluxe! So the incredible cover of a German band to “Persiana americana” by Soda Stereo

If a good part of the public in Latin America agrees on something, it is that soda Stereo is the biggest rock band to come out of this region of the continent. For a long time, he was one of those glories of music that always left us with the thorn that They deserved much more recognition than they were due worldwide.

The good thing is that with the passage of time and the internet boom, today we can verify that his songs have reached other corners of the planet with more force. Only on YouTube, we can find hundreds of video-reactions of people just getting into the history of Gustavo Cerati, Zeta Bosio and Charly Alberti... and some content creators even take the opportunity to cover the classics of the Argentine trio.

Photo: Capture from YouTube.

That is the case of Martin Miller, a renowned German artist who is also one of the most skilled guitarists sponsored by the Ibanez brand. Well, the thing is that he is suddenly encouraged to upload some covers to his networks and recently, he surprised his Latin American fans with a cover of nothing more and nothing less than “Persiana americana”. And yes: it is a gem.

Martin Miller and his band raffled off a cover of “Persiana Americana” by Soda Stereo

Talk about Soda Stereo, as we said, it is to refer to the most important band of Latin rock. They remained in force from their first to their last record material, always showing a constant evolution in their sound. And if we are honest, with everything and that everyone will have their favorite, There isn’t a single album of his that doesn’t have at least one iconic song.

Of course, when it comes to mentioning iconic songs, it is certain that “American blinds” It’s one of those tracks that we already have internalized as a classic. The truth is that even if you don’t like the band, it’s a song that you know… It’s not for nothing that it’s part of the repertoire of a lot of tribute bands or cover groups that we listen in any bar from Mexico to Argentina… And now, beyond the puddle.

Let's remember when Soda Stereo played their best version of "Escapees"
Soda Stereo. Photo: Getty

In the infinity of versions found on the internet, we are almost sure that the cover of Martin Miller and his session band is one of the best. The native of the German city of Leipzig threw his version of the Soda Stereo classic.

The truth is that it sounds perfect and each one of the musicians that participate (Marius Leicht on keyboards, ben jud on the bass, Nico Schlieman on the accompanying guitars and Felix Lehrman in the battery) take the opportunity to display maximum versatility. For his part, his own Miller shows us that he doesn’t sing badly in Spanish and that as a guitarist, he is a raffle.

For this performance, the group was accompanied by the Brazilian guitarist Lari Basilio, who is also an Ibanez artist and has collaborated with the likes of Joe Satriani and Vinnie Colaiuta). Lari also hits a powerful solo in one of the cover sections that will blow your minds. Here we leave them:

If it beat them, enter it to Martin Miller’s channel because in addition to this great cover of Soda Stereo, it has several other legendary artists like Stevie Wonder, Pink Floyd, Daft Punk, Prince and more.

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Deluxe! So the incredible cover of a German band to “Persiana americana” by Soda Stereo