Daymé Arocena denounces that they distribute pro-regime propaganda during her concert in Sweden

Cuban singer Daymé Arocena denounced this Saturday that pro-regime propaganda was distributed during her concert in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden.

“I just finished my concert and I find that they were distributing these promotions of Yankee planes releasing missiles on Cuban boys and girls in representation of the blockade,” Arocena commented through a reel from instagram.

The artist, who was surprised by the methods used by the Cuban regime to counteract what she can express in her concerts, considers this to be proof that the end of the dictatorship is near.

“I just want to tell you one thing if you are at the point where you have to go to my concerts to distribute promotions of this type to distort anything that can happen in my concerts and my songs. You are simply shaking with terror. It means that you are afraid that you will die, and it means that those of us who are not with you are winning the fight,” said Arocena, who wanted to send a “message to the Cuban dictatorship.”

The Cuban jazz player affirmed that the fact that her concert is infiltrated does not affect her, on the contrary, it shows that the dictatorship is coming to an end, “that they are spending their resources to discuss against what, against songs, against artists.”

“Sincerely, this is a pleasure for my heart, because of how close we are to seeing the end of the dictatorship that has my people suffering from hunger, need and calamity. It is not the blockade, it is not the embargo, and we Cubans know that very well,” he added.

The singer also addressed those who are not Cubans “are capable of lending themselves to these things and to spread the voice of the failed and erroneous Cuban dictatorship.”

“In Cuba, all the problems that exist are mainly caused by poor management and the limitations and violations of human rights. Do not look for more culprits, and if you do not know and do not understand, go do your homework because there is a lot of information out there, ”she snapped.

Finally, Arocena wanted to speak for the “wonderful Cubans” who follow her and want a change for the island.

“This is a victory, this is just showing us that we are seeing them fall. They are sleepless and we are making out with them, ”she concluded.

Dayme Arocena, one of the most outstanding voices of contemporary jazzwhom the British newspaper Guardian called “a musical phenomenon”, is one of the figures of contemporary Cuban culture most critical of the regime and committed to the cause of change.

Last year, Daymé received attacks from the propaganda apparatus of the Cuban State for the premiere of her song, along with Pavel Urquiza, “All for you”inspired by Cubans who demand rights, freedoms and a change on the island.

The former Minister of Culture Abel Prieto described the issue as “political propaganda” and “insignificant as a work of art” and criticized that “starting over” meant “ruining the work of the Cuban Revolution, erasing it, suppressing it, and returning to 1958 ”.

In her response to criticism, Daymé preferred not to mention Prieto and simply shared the positive balance of your participation in the song for which the Cuban ruling party wants to discredit it.

The talented singer confessed that after releasing the song and seeing the reactions from the regime’s defenders, she was afraid “that my parents wouldn’t understand my need to sing a song like ‘Todo Por Ti’. I thought that the inoculated generational fear would break what for me is one of my most valuable treasures: my family”.

However, Daymé received the unconditional support of his father in an emotional message that he shared on his social networks, in which he also told him that he was proud of his courage.

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Daymé Arocena denounces that they distribute pro-regime propaganda during her concert in Sweden