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The great explosion of thrash metal that took place in the 80s offered the world a large number of bands that found in this powerful genre the way to channel their music, with four great exponents from the United States such as Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer and Anthraxbut with a long list of names behind that deserved better luck, as he recently recalled Dave Mustainepointing out three in particular: Lȧȧz Rockit, hyrax and Exodus.

The participation of the leader of Megadeth in space The Jeremy White Show has been the one that has allowed us to travel in time with Mustaine to remember those bands in a reflection that arises from a question about whether he had the opportunity to meet Eddie Van Halen: “Did I go out with Eddie? No? Did I know him? No. Did I know he existed? Yes, of course. Did it influence my playing? Probably unconsciously there are a couple of little tricks we do. But those tricks were invented by a lot of people a long time ago. I think Eddie would have been one of the first people to tell you that he didn’t invent playing above the neck. And I don’t know where he got the tapping from.”

From there, Dave continues his reflection taking us to the origins of the movement: “But you know, it’s like with me, when people say I’m the godfather of metal. It makes me shy. It’s going to sound pathetic, but I almost feel ashamed. Because while I was a big part of it, and I was there, there were other people who were there too. And I love to give credit to them too, you know? Me and the Metallica guys weren’t the only ones at the beginning.”

Three bands hold prominent positions for Mustaine: “There were guys in bands like Lȧȧz Rockitwhich is an unknown band; hyrax, which was a band… I think they’re still trying, but it was a band that never got the chance they needed. Of course, Exodus, great band, they produced a great guitarist for Metallica. But they never got the giant door to open for them.

They had another great guitar player, Gary Holt, who went on to play with Slayer. And personally, for me, I think Gary is the sound of Exodus. And then you have other bands like Testament, Overkill… My God, there are so many bands that are part of the scene. They came a little bit after me, so sometimes I feel like we have to remember all these other guys, regardless of where they stood in the scheme or how much they had to do with it, I think it’s important that we know that history.” .

Dave closes his statement by assuring that he does not want recognition that he does not deserve: “I love that our community respects me because I respect our community. And I like to be realistic. So I want to make sure that people know that I’m never going to take false compliments. I’ll make sure that people know that if I don’t deserve it So I don’t want it.”

The last days of April saw the start of the Canadian leg of the “Crush the World” tour of Megadeth, which will lead Dave Mustaine’s band to present their devastating album ‘The Sick, The Dying… and The Dead!’ around the world, with a special appointment that will take place in our country, leading the day of the Thursday August 10 in the festival Rock legends.

The edition Rock Legends XVI will be held in the town of Villena (Alicante) from August 9 to 12with a poster that has already shown its distribution by dayswith KK’s Priest, Megadeth, Bullet For My Valentine and Michael Schenker leading an impressive gathering of bands.

The announcement of the distribution by days of the poster was accompanied by the opening of the sale of a limited circulation of tickets for single days, which can be purchase through TicketmasterFNAC and associated stores (which can be consulted here).

Season tickets to attend the Leyendas del Rock are still on sale at FNACphysical points of sale and in the network of ticket master. Tickets for the shaded campsite and different options and amenities are also available. More information on the official website of the festival.

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