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Megadeth at Hellfest. Photo: Inigo Malvido

Although four decades have passed since Dave Mustaine has left Metallica and set out on his own path, founding megadeththat story is still very present for the singer and guitarist, who was recently asked about his band’s path to get into a record label, and that reminded him that “People who saw Metallica when they weren’t playing with the band anymore said there was something very, very wrong.”and then the number of followers who searched for that missing piece began to grow.

This story came during a live in RattleheadsNTF’s Twitterin which Mustaine offered all the details of how he got from being interested in music to fully entering the world: “Well, Megadeth already had quite a following before the record company discovered us. So it’s a bit unfair. But the way it started was I had a band called Panic. And I lived in Huntington Beach, where there were a lot of bands playing at keg parties, and I thought it was a lot of fun, going to parties and flirting, and I started to see how easy it was for guitarists to drive people crazy. for them, pay attention to them, treat them with respect and stuff, and I knew I wanted that.”

It doesn’t take long for Metallica to enter history: “So Panic was formed. That band was short-lived, and I ended up joining Metallica, and I was in that band for about two years and then Megadeth came along. So the discovery part was…”

That’s when Dave remembers how fans started looking for him after he left the band. Hetfield and Ulrich: “After leaving Metallica, the world wanted to know what I was going to do, because I was this huge component of Metallica’s success. I was there and then I was gone.

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Metallica in 1982, with Mustaine and McGovney

And the people who went to see them after I was no longer in the band and didn’t know there was a lineup change said there was something very, very, very wrong between the band they heard on the recording and the band they heard on the recording. They were watching. And that’s when people started looking for me. And the rest is history”.

Mustaine closes the story by praising his replacement, Kirk Hammett: “I think the band did very well. I think they were good. In fact, I think Kirk did a good job playing my parts. Going into a band and having to play someone else’s stuff isn’t always fun, but I think He was a gentleman and did a good job.”

megadeth will be one of the headliners of the 16th edition of Rock legendswhich will be held in the town of Villena (Alicante) from August 9 to 12. The festival already has its distribution by dayswith KK’s Priest, Megadeth, Bullet For My Valentine and Michael Schenker leading an impressive gathering of bands.

The announcement of the distribution by days of the poster was accompanied by the opening of the sale of a limited circulation of tickets for single days, which can be purchase through TicketmasterFNAC and associated stores (which can be consulted here).

Season tickets to attend the Leyendas del Rock are still on sale at FNACphysical points of sale and in the network of ticket master. Tickets for the shaded campsite and different options and amenities are also available. More information on the official website of the festival.

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Dave Mustaine (Megadeth): “People who saw Metallica when they were no longer playing with the band said that there was something very, very wrong” – MariskalRock.com