Danna Paola burst into tears in the middle of the concert: “it’s very strong”

Danna Paola broke down in tears because she misses the old normality (Photo: Instagram / @ dannapaola)

After 18 months without having offered a show live, on August 20, the singer Danna Paola the Hermanos Rodríguez Racetrack, where he performed his most famous hits. Nevertheless, Although the show went as expected, the singer burst into tears in full concert.

The reason for the cry of the interpreter of Hey Pablo It was because the singer misses the old normality, as well as also mentioned that his return to the stage was something that he already needed.

“I need this moment with you… It is very strong, very strong. I already want everything to return to normal. And for me this is very exciting. I had to burst into tears, sorry. I love them“Said the singer with a broken voice.

The singer showed her most sensitive side on social networks (Photo: Instagram / @dannapaola)
The singer showed her most sensitive side on social networks (Photo: Instagram / @dannapaola)

Also the former protagonist of Elite shared on his Instagram account an emotional message regarding his return to the stage and thanking the people who accompanied her during her show.

The most magical night of my 2021, thus saving my year. Listening to them there singing with me, enjoying after 18 months of confinement and returning a little to normal, leaving reality … My heart is still in shock! Infinite thanks to everyone who was present living this dream with me. Thanks to my girls sharing the stage with me, their talent and unique vibe, I love them, they are the best. Thanks to all my team wonderful behind, who made this incredible concert possible and we were able to enjoy it so much”, Wrote the also actress.

Danna Paola released a single last week (Photo: EFE / David Fernández)
Danna Paola released a single last week (Photo: EFE / David Fernández)

Last Thursday, August 19, Danna Paola launched Whimsical, a new song that is part of the repertoire with which the actress resumed her musical side, leaving aside the world of acting.

This single represents for me a creative process come true, since as an artist I seek that through my music they are inspired, identified with the lyrics, having a good time listening and feeling its rhythm, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and bring out your inner Kaprichosa by dancing it”The singer shared in a press release.

The music video for the song was recorded in Mexico City, under the direction of Antonio Roma based on an original idea of ​​the interpreter.

Eiza González complimented the singer's look (Capture: @ dannapaola / instagram)
Eiza González complimented the singer’s look (Capture: @ dannapaola / instagram)

The publication where the singer promoted her most recent song, caused euphoria because one of her comments featured the actress Eiza Gonzalez, who complimented the look of the interpreter of Sodium.

Notice I really liked the blonde hair, Mommy. Hot“Wrote the actress of Bloodshot next to fire emojis. “Thanks mommy“Replied the actress who a few years ago lent her voice to give life to” Rapunzel “in Tangled.

Almost immediately, the followers of Danna Paola did not let the attention that Eiza González had go unnoticed, since it is not common for the actress to comment on her compatriots’ networks. So much was the excitement of the netizens that They took the opportunity to ask both actresses to carry out a project together.

“I need to see them together or in a video that they both come out”, “I love that they interact and that they are besties. I hope they will meet again soon, the world needs two Mexican queens“,” Collaboration together “,” Please come together. You also sing beautiful Eiza”Were some of the responses that were unleashed by Eiza González’s comment.