Daniel Passerini celebrated the triumph: Córdoba chose to continue forward

The mayor-elect of Córdoba Capital, Daniel Passerini, celebrated his victory in the local elections and stressed that “in politics it is not all or nothing.”

“You surely imagine the emotion, I can’t stop saying hello, because I see each and every one of the architects of the triumph that should be here. Because a triumph was built with organized and respectful work,” he said.

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“The construction of this triumph did not begin now, we began to build it four years ago with Martín (Llaryora), with a historical management and that today’s result is neither more nor less the consequence of what we knew how to build,” he added.

“The people of Córdoba chose us to continue forward,” remarked the leader of Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba.

Likewise, he maintained: “We are people of respect and in politics it is not all or nothing. I want to thank our adversaries of Together for Change in the first place.”

Passerini highlighted the figure of the outgoing community chief and governor-elect of Córdoba, Martín Llaryora: “He is a huge mayor and enormous political leader. He was the one who worked the most for me to be mayor of Córdoba.”

“This does not change us, because the objective will always be the same,” said the Peronist leader, who stated that he will continue to serve as a doctor in his office.

The minute by minute of the HxC bunker:

20.50 – Celebration atmosphere in the bunker

Paulo Cassinerio took the stage with Miguel Siciliano to encourage the militants who came to the bunker and announced that HxC “will continue to give progress to this Córdoba we want.”

“Each and every one of them is the architect of what is happening, we know that there are only a few minutes left, we ask them to concentrate, I sacrifice and we are waiting for them here to celebrate everyone,” Cassinerio encouraged.

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20.10 – Sicilian: “We have made a huge choice”

The Secretary of Government of the Municipality of Córdoba was “happy” with the data that came from the witness tables “from all sectors of the capital.”

“We are very, very happy and we have reasons to think that our party has made a huge choice,” he said.

19.25 – Pretto said that there is an “auspicious” trend

The candidate for vice mayor of Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba revealed that the first data from prosecutors anticipates a “good performance” in the elections.

“We are very satisfied with the results of the witness tables. They are giving us very well,” he said.

And he added: “The first results already give us that perspective, I have very good feelings. At 9:00 p.m. the final result will be there.”

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18.50 – Massei was “optimistic”

The Minister of Social Development told chain 3 that they made “a campaign with everything that had to be put in” so that Daniel Passerini is the new mayor of Córdoba.

“An even election is expected in expectation, but we are optimistic,” he said.

18.25 – “Pichi” Campana gave a conference

The campaign manager of Hacemos Unidos por Córdoba told the media that they expect “a close election” and that participation has been low, without specifying numbers.

In addition, he regretted that the election “had become politicized” and avoided answering questions. However, he indicated that they will return “later” to provide more details.

Guillermo Lopez report.

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Daniel Passerini celebrated the triumph: Córdoba chose to continue forward