Dalú shares his passion for music and dance with a tender VIDEO of his childhood

The childhood It is a decisive stage of life for what life will bring us in the following years and, since then, the most deeply rooted passions and vocations come to light spontaneously as it has been demonstrated Dalú in a recent video that showed that their artistic gifts they already manifested when it was small.

With your participation and triumph in the most recent generation of The academy, the reality show talent search for Azteca television, which ended broadcasts in February 2020, Dalú She has become one of the favorite singers of the Mexican public.

Dalú impresses all of Mexico with his voice

Its success has spread to various projects from this recognition and its nickname of “The girl with a thousand songs“He is increasingly recognized in different territories of the world that have been captivated by his amazing vocal skills with compositions in English and Spanish.

The definitive sample of his talent was exhibited through the launch of ‘Red‘, his most recent record production, released in mid-April, with which Dalú It exploited all the artistic potential and the accumulated learnings since its debut in 2015.

Dalú shares video and shows that, from her childhood, she already knew that she would become an artist

And everything indicates that his first steps with the arts were taken long before he even stood in front of a stage for the first time or stepped on a recording studio, and this has been shared through his official account of Twitter where he released a recording dating from his early life.

In the video we can see a tender and tiny Dalú, very elegantly wearing a pink satin dress and an elaborate hairstyle and dancing energetically to the rhythm of the Sinaloan band, the typical musical style of the lands where he was born, by the hand of one of his relatives.

The recording has touched all his followers but, above all, he has impressed with his great sense of music and dance at such a young age. “From there you could already see what we would have in a few more years”, writes one of his “sharks“in response to the post.

Dalú arrives in the kitchen of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’

A few months ago it was announced that Dalú would venture into a new trade, in addition to his musical activities, and would come to the kitchen, as he has shown on his channel of Youtube, to compete in ‘MasterChef Celebrity“, and show that he not only has a privileged voice, but also an enviable seasoning.

MasterChef Celebrity‘will premiere next Friday, August 20, at 7:30 pm, and can be seen through the open signal of Azteca Uno. Remember to leave us your comments and follow us on our social networks for more information about Dalú and your artists favorites.