Daddy Yankee brought some happy fans to the stage


At 9:40 pm and after interacting a lot with his loyal audience and even testifying that dreams come true, Daddy Yanker invited a group of fans, including a child, to dance with him and his team of dancers.

Daddy Yankee brought some happy fans to the stage

“I like to give them an experience,” he said. That’s when his guests appeared on the stage. Each one had a letter with lights that completed the name of Daddy Yankee. The most exciting moment was when the group was joined by a botarga of the singer.

The end of a hot evening is drawing near.


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Puerto Rican Daddy Yankee started his farewell concert in Costa Rica on time. At 8 pm he appeared on stage, at the National Stadium, and promised that his show would be pure fire. In the first hour of the show, the energetic artist has performed 17 of his hits and his collaborations with others that are thunderously sung by the audience.

break, crushing, Older than me, Emergency call, Dance Dance; Your prince Y rumbaton They have been part of the repertoire of a hot night in which the rain moved away and was replaced by intense perreo.

On stage, Daddy Yankee doesn’t stop and it seems that each song was the first he sang because of his vitality. After a short break, the Puerto Rican prepares to give his Costa Rican fans more gas.

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1666505084 147 Daddy Yankee brought some happy fans to the stage


Daddy Yankee’s reggaeton imposed that the Costa Rican artists who would warm up the atmosphere prior to his concert, this Saturday, October 22 at the National Stadium, would be representatives of the urban genre.

The first to go on stage was the young promise of Tico reggaeton Kavvo. The singer appeared at around 6:40 pm, interpreting the theme Close Friendshis most recently.

He had not finished singing that song when the 20-year-old artist immediately went on to The bar, which he originally performs with Toledo and RVS. The brief intervention of the reggaeton player ended with his greatest success, the very popular Mooring.

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Then it was the turn of the veteran Tapón, who showed all his experience on stage by interpreting some of his hits.

Cristian Gómez spent nearly 15 minutes in front of the public and his waste of energy with songs like feeling, Latin Y look how he dances brought the audience to its feet.

Before saying goodbye, the urban singer introduced Dani Maro and asked the public to support his career.

“Just like they once gave me an opportunity and I ask you to give my little brother Dani Maro a chance,” Tapón said.

Maro showed a little of his talent with a good acceptance among the fans present at the La Sabana venue and who were euphoric waiting for the departure of Daddy Yankee, who is visiting the country as part of his tour The last turn.

Then, Tapón went back on stage to sing his eternal classics live with him Y created my way. The beloved local hip-hop pioneer said goodbye at 7:30 pm paying homage to La Sele. Well played!


This Saturday, October 22, the Costa Rican fans of Daddy Yankee will live a party full of reggaeton, but in the midst of a mass of people who will attend the National Stadium, security is still important.

With regard to the fact that the Puerto Rican will present the first of two farewell concerts tonight at the La Sabana venue, the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) was infected by reggaeton fever and published a creative list of recommendations for those attending the concert very in tune with the language of the evening.

Daddy Yankee brought some happy fans to the stage

The councils published them in a humorous way, using the titles of some of the most famous songs of the Puerto Rican.

“Dance Gasolina until you can’t, but with your cell phone always ahead and never leave it in the back pockets of your pants”, is one of the tips.

There are also other tips on parking vehicles or emergency calls to 9-1-1, if necessary.


Before the first of the two Daddy Yankee concerts in Costa Rica begins, this Saturday, October 22, the surroundings of the National Stadium begin to see a greater influx of vehicles, however, the traffic remains fluid. Due to the increase in vehicular traffic, the Transit Police patrols also begin to appear.

As for passers-by, more people are seen walking towards the different entrances of the National Stadium with their capes on, since the rain is already doing its thing in La Sabana.

Inside the venue, the stands gradually begin to fill, however there is still a lot of space to fill.

Daddy Yankee brought some happy fans to the stage


Punctually at 3 pm the doors of the National Stadium were opened so that the public with a grass ticket could enter the La Sabana venue and seek their best space near the stage.

Between whistles, screams and euphoria, the fans began to run as if it were the race of their lives to be able to reach the foot of the stage where Daddy Yankee will sing, starting at 8 pm

At this time, the rain does not say present in La Sabana, however, dozens of people walk with capes towards the National Stadium due to the darkness of the afternoon and the thunder that can be heard.

The concert this Saturday, October 22, is the first of two shows that the Puerto Rican will give in the country, and in which it is expected that he will receive at least 50,000 people during both dates, according to the organization.

For the concert on Sunday, October 23, there are still tickets available through Prices and locations are: $270 (Liberty Blue Carpet), $230 (Liberty Diamond), $205 (Liberty Gold), $175 (East Plateau), $135 (East Balcony), $110 (East Shade) and $75 (Grass).


Veralyn Chacón is one of the hundreds of fans who, since the early hours of the morning, arrived this Saturday outside the National Stadium with the intention of being able to be in front of their idol Daddy Yanke. The young woman, a resident of Alajuelita, is among the first people in line for grass, since she arrived at 4 am

Chacón arrived accompanied by her friend Vanessa and her sister Valeria, who are also part of the long line on the north side of the La Sabana site.

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“Since I knew it was coming, I started saving money. It is a concert that I have waited all my life”, said the happy young woman.

Daddy Yankee visits Costa Rica as part of his farewell tour of the stages The last turn. The interpreter of Gasoline It will present two concerts on Tico soil: one this Saturday, October 22; and another this Sunday, October 23.

Doors open at 3 p.m. The Big Boss is expected to take the stage at around 8 p.m.

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Daddy Yankee brought some happy fans to the stage