Cumbia, rock, reggae and funk concerts; Popular art; and recreation in natural areas, the attractions of Cuenca to celebrate 202 years of independence | Ecuador | News


Although Cuenca’s agenda has activities throughout November, within the framework of the independence festival that is commemorated on November 3, the main events will take place that day and on Saturday 5.

Next week, between November 3 and 6, Ecuador will experience a four-day holiday for the independence celebration and for the Day of the Dead, which is remembered every November 2. However, that date is shifted to Friday the 4th, so the two days off are joined by the weekend.

Officially, the agenda of festivities was presented this Wednesday, October 26, in the square of El Vado, located in the traditional neighborhood of the same name, in front of the Tomebamba River. The program includes recreational, cultural, gastronomic and solemn activities that will take place in the context of the 202 years of Spanish independence.

Tamara Landívar, municipal director of Culture, explained that for this season more than 250 meetings will be held with which it is expected to cover all tastes and budgets. But the one that has a special connotation, she said, is the I love you, Cuenca festival, which basically consists of artistic encounters of different genres.

The remaining holidays for the rest of 2022 in Ecuador

artistic festival

On Thursday, November 3, the theme will be Exponents of Cumbia and Corazón Serrano, Don Medardo and his Players and the Symphony Orchestra will perform, which is preparing a repertoire called Symphonic sauce.

It will be at the Alejandro Serrano Aguilar stadium. On the same day, but on the grounds of the Dávalos Military Fort, Manuel Medrano, Nacho and Alkilados will sing.

On Friday the 4th, music will take over Huayna Cápac Avenue in the party known locally as Huaynacapazo, where Paulina Tamayo, Sonora Dinamita, Banda 24 de Mayo, Gerardo Morán, among others, will perform.

Also, for fans of the rock There will be a designated space in the municipal stadium, where Zuchos del Vado, Descomunal, Basca y Sal and Mileto will sing.

Finally, on Saturday 5 the reggae Y funky They will also have a place with Guardaraya, Gondwana, Swing Original Monks and Los Amigos Invisibles.

Cumbia rock reggae and funk concerts Popular art and recreation
Agenda published by the Mayor’s Office of Cuenca on the hours of operation that the city’s museums will follow. Photo: Mayor’s Office of Cuenca

The municipal director of Culture, Tamara Landívar, recalled that all events are free, however, those interested must collect a pass prior to an established schedule outside the stadium, as well as the municipal heritage houses such as La Casa de la Lira, Central School, among others.

Those who want to go to the cumbia concert must line up on Saturday the 29th; for the of rock, on Sunday 30; and for him reggaeon Monday, October 31.

The official called on the Ministry of Transportation and Public Works (MTOP) to enable vehicular traffic on the Cuenca-Molleturo-El Empalme highway 24 hours a day, since this road currently has a restricted use of 07: 00 to 18:30 due to landslide problems generated by the recent rains recorded in this area of ​​the country.


But in addition to the events of mass entertainment, Cuenca and its rural parishes have other activities to show the population.

Fausto Ordóñez, former director of the Inter-American Center for Popular Arts, mentioned that topics such as basketry, jewelry or toquilla straw hat weaving are activities that are very present not only in Cuenca, but especially in the surrounding areas and that they strengthen the identity of the people much more. their people.

Therefore, during November there will be permanent exhibitions in which those who visit the Athens of Ecuador will be able to appreciate the ability of the artisans.

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Throughout the month of November activities will be carried out in the Azuaya city, but it is expected that the largest ones will take place between the 2nd and 5th of this month in honor of the city’s 202 years of independence. Photo: Courtesy API

New entertainment sites

But there are also new spaces such as the Ictocruz viewpoint, located in the Turi parish. This is an undertaking by the local residents who saw it at its natural viewpoint, from which Cuenca can be seen in all its splendor at an angle of 180 degrees, a potential tourist attraction.

They started with a hot air balloon simulator, but currently they have a six meter long figure that represents a dinosaur, Thor’s hammer, Goku’s cloud and for the holiday they will implement a mobile star, so that the visitor have the experience of a complete turn with the possibility of filming yourself to share on your social networks, reported Jorge Naranjo, leader of this project.

In short, for these days of the holiday and the whole month, in general, Cuenca will generate hundreds of meetings with which, according to the mayor of the city, Pedro Palacios, it is expected to reactivate the local economy. (YO)

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Cumbia, rock, reggae and funk concerts; Popular art; and recreation in natural areas, the attractions of Cuenca to celebrate 202 years of independence | Ecuador | News