Cover baby Nevermind sues Kurt Cobain for sexual exploitation of children

The famous man depicted on the Nirvana album cover Nevermind when he was a baby he has sued Kurt Cobain’s estate, alleging that it deals with child pornography and sexual exploitation.

Spencer Elden filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles court against the band on Tuesday (August 24) alleging that the image of himself, when he was under four months old, on the album cover constitutes child pornography.

The 1991 cover image shows Elden in a swimming pool reaching for a dollar bill, with his genitalia exposed.

Elden stated that neither he nor his legal guardians signed a statement authorizing the use of “any image of Spencer or his likeness,” the lawsuit says, a copy of which was uploaded by Pitchfork.

The lawsuit alleges that Cobain agreed to affix Spencer’s image “with a strategically placed decal over Spencer’s genitalia.” He claimed that Cobain agreed that the sticker would include the text “If this offends you, you must be a closet pedophile.”

Elden alleged that her “true identity and legal name are forever linked to the commercial sexual exploitation that she experienced as a child, which has been distributed and sold around the world since she was a baby until today.”

The 15 defendants “knowingly produced, possessed and advertised commercial child pornography depicting Spencer, and knowingly received value in exchange for doing so,” spencer’s lawsuit states.

“Despite this knowledge, the defendants failed to take reasonable steps to protect Spencer and prevent his sexual exploitation and mass trafficking of images.”

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He alleged that photographer Kirk Weddle activated Spencer’s “vomit reflex” before throwing him underwater.

“To ensure that the album cover triggered a visceral sexual response from the viewer, [el fotógrafo Kirk] Weddle activated Spencer’s ‘vomit reflex’ before throwing him underwater in poses that highlight and emphasize Spencer’s exposed genitalia, “the lawsuit says.

It also mentions that “Cobain chose the image that depicts Spencer, as a sex worker, grasping a dollar bill that is hung from a hook in front of her naked body with her penis explicitly exposed,” the lawsuit states.

The band used “child pornography depicting Spencer as an essential element of a record promotion scheme commonly used in the music industry to get attention, in which album covers portrayed children in a sexual way. provocative, in order to gain notoriety, boost sales and attract media attention and critical reviews, ”the lawsuit mentions.

As a result, Elden “has suffered and will continue to suffer damage for life,” he said.

The plaintiff is seeking $ 150,000 (£ 109,329) from each of the 15 defendants or damages, or an unspecified amount for damages, which would be determined at trial.

Geffen Records, which released the album 30 years ago, sold more than 30 million copies of Nevermind all over the world.

The Independent se He has contacted Cobain’s heirs and Elden for comment.