Corey Taylor on Alice in Chains: “It’s one of the best bands that ever lived”

Seattle is one of the cities recognized for being the cradle of bands of the stature of Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden Y Alice in Chains. In fact, these ensembles make up the group known as the big four of grunge. Although for lovers of the aforementioned genre the task of selecting one of the aforementioned groups may be difficult, Corey Taylor, the leader of Slipknot and of Stone Sour, you are more than clear about your choice.

During the recent An Intimate Evening with Corey Taylor in Conversation: Ultimate Fan Q&A event in Ohio, the musician commented: “It has to be Alice in Chains, because, to me, it’s one of the best rock bands that ever existed.”. “I don’t just mean that from a grunge or metal point of view or something like that. They revolutionized a lot musically and inspired me to change the way I write music. Ready, period, end of sentence, “he added.

The Des Moines (Iowa) born spoke about Layne Staley, the late lead singer of the group, about which he said that “he is still one of the best singers that ever lived” and that “that is not a reflection of the demons he had to fight with, obviously.” Furthermore, he added:

“But it has a lot to do with his talent. It made it look so easy. He could sing anything, he could write anything. And the shit he was writing about was killing him, and yet we loved it. For me, that’s the biggest nakedness of the soul I’ve ever heard. And if you need more proof of that, all you have to do is listen to ‘Nutshell’. It is one of the best songs ever written. And it’s not even my favorite. “

Taylor continued: “Mi tema favorito de Alice in Chains es ‘Would?’. The end. That track is fucking amazing. But ‘Nutshell’ is an outpouring of trying to share with you the darkness in his heart … That is the great tragedy of people like Layne. It’s not just Layne, obviously – there are so many people that came from that generation of artists. The pain they dealt with, you understand? Some won, some did not. But the best thing is that we can listen to his music and it can help us overcome our own pain. “

Finally, Corey confessed that “There’s probably not a day that I don’t listen to Alice in Chains. It is still too good. And the fact that she meets these guys now is the icing on the cake. It’s great to be able to hang out with your favorite band“.

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Corey Taylor on Alice in Chains: “It’s one of the best bands that ever lived”