Corey Taylor commemorates “Astroworld” victims at Slipknot concert

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor recently addressed the tragedy at the Astroworld Festival. A fan recorded the words that the frontman dedicated to those injured in the event.

Last weekend (November 5), 8 people died and hundreds were injured at the festival that rapper Travis Scott organized in Houston, United States. As reported Loudwire, a ninth fatality was confirmed this November 10. About 500,000 thousand people attended the show.

Fans rushed to the stage around 9:30 PM, which produced a massive stampede. Taylor referred to this during a setlist he was performing at the Welcome to Rockville Festival.

I don’t want to spoil the mood, but I feel like I need to say this. One of the most wonderful things about this genre is its audience. In this family we take care of each other, “said the frontman of Slipknot.

“This is supposed to be a place of celebration, of love and of concern for others. And everyone who has participated in moshpits knows that if someone falls, they must be helped to get up. So I want you to think about the 8 souls we lost, ”Taylor continued.

I want you to remember this too. It doesn’t matter what show they attend, if they have eyes, keep them open; help each other and take care of each other, “he concluded.

Linkin Park and the “tag” of the Moshpit

Another viral reaction after Astroworld was that of a fan who shared a Linkin Park video. In this you can see how Mike Shinoda and the late Chester Bennington stop the show to help a person who had fallen in the moshpit from the field. The record quickly went viral.

In the video you can hear Shinoda yelling “Hey! we have a little problem here. Bennington then states “Get it up!” Pick him up immediately! ‘

Shinoda can then be heard commenting, “Sorry guys, we must ensure safety first, seriously. No one should get hurt, that’s our priority. We will play this song again, in full, as long as they are okay. It’s okay? Take care.

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Corey Taylor commemorates “Astroworld” victims at Slipknot concert