Controversy over massive concert without permits in Cali

National unemployment first month

Bogota May 28/2021. After completing a month of national strike, new mobilizations of national strike students in the national park await Adriana Lucia’s concert. Photos: Milton Diaz Weather


Milton Diaz / Weather

Authorities are investigating to fine the organizers.

For 12 hours, hundreds of people participated in a concert in the Puerto Rellena sector, which did not have permits from the Cali Mayor’s Office.

The best known artists who participated in the event were the singer Adriana Lucía and the band Doctor Krápula.

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It should be remembered that Puerto Rellena or Puerto Resistencia is one of the emblematic places of unemployment national in the capital of Valle del Cauca. There a sculpture of an arm was built with the fist raised and holding a sign with the word “Resist”.

“That event did not request permission, nor did it obtain permission from the Cali Mayor’s Office. It was an event that they did in the framework of his resistance, let’s say behind the back of the Administration “, affirmed the Undersecretary of Inspection, Surveillance and Control of the Mayor’s Office of Cali, Jimmy Dranguet

The official stated that the Mayor’s Office was present at the site to verify that there will be no public order problems and that it was decided not to suspend the concert to avoid confrontations with the attendees.

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Dranguet added that they are investigating who were the people who organized the concert to apply the sanctions established by law and that this was not the first concert to be organized in Cali during the last two months.

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Controversy over massive concert without permits in Cali

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