Concerts, social events and going out to restaurants trigger the sale of clothes

Family reunions and mass events that are taking place after the latest executive orders on covid-19 have been made more flexible are generating greater sales movement in the fashion sector, and consumers are visiting stores to buy clothes and accessories to wear in social activities.

According to owners of men’s and women’s clothing stores, people are beginning to go out and dress appropriately for every activity. They understand that putting on new clothes is part of the feeling of enjoyment, after more than a year of strict measures that restricted group, corporate and family activities.

“Clothing stores have shown an awakening, although consumer behavior has changed a bit. Is buying more casual pieces. Although we are coming out of the summer and this type of clothing is usual, we see a pattern of buying casual and sports clothing, ”said Javier Aisa, president of Tiendas Roma, who runs 14 stores.

The businessman explained that the change to more comfortable clothing does not mean that they are acquiring pieces without taking fashion into account.

“They come and buy the accessories, tennis and exercise clothes, but all combined. What I see is that —especially women— put on beautiful sportswear and continue to use it to carry out other tasks during the day, “explained Aisa.

It appears that the remote work lifestyle and the fact that families stay home longer have apparently led people to opt for less formal pieces of clothing, focusing on comfort and convenience.

The sale of women’s clothing and accessories has seen an improvement and towards the Christmas festivities it should improve. > Supplied

“You don’t see so much day suit and jacket anymore, now they go to work in denim, but the belt and other accessories are combined. Although evening gowns have already begun to be sold – for weddings and proms, the most formal ones – casual has definitely had a rebound and is going to stay. We predict that we will have good sales for Christmas ”, Aisa pointed out.

The same is happening in Olivia Boutique, in Condado, where sales continue to increase both in the physical store and in the online platform.

“Thank God, sales have increased because people are looking ahead and they think they are going to get ready to get out. There are already many activities because there are many people vaccinated (against covid-19). My sales are going very well; they are shopping on the website and they come to pick it up the same day or the order is taken to the house, where we even take the suit ring, “said the owner María Consuelo Rivera, who operates the store with her daughter and also owner, María Consuelo Santiago.

Customers come looking for different alternatives for casual wardrobe and for night events that have already started to take place, such as concerts.

“They are looking for a lot of casual clothes, everyday clothes and to eat out or go to activities like weddings. They also buy a lot of accessories, makeup, and children’s clothing. We have already bought shiny evening clothes because we hope this Christmas will be different and that there will be many parties, “added Rivera.

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In footwear and accessories, there is also a greater flow of sales, which was confirmed by Sandra Castellón, Marketing Director of the Novus, Galería, La Favorita, Florsheim, Bakers and Naturalizer brands.

“Now they are buying more variety of footwear, because a few months ago they bought to be at home and we are already seeing shoe purchases to go out. The same increase has been observed with accessories such as handbags and jewelry. We, unlike shops of other types of products, have gracefully always had merchandise available and variety, “said Castellón.

The Boronea clothing and accessories store, located in The Mall of San Juan and in the San Juan Hotel, has also seen an increase in customer traffic since June.

“Since the summer started we have seen an increase in sales, versus last year. You see a change in people’s behavior, which is returning to a certain normality. We have seen it in what they buy, because before it was all more casual and with the opening of the government they now buy clothes for night out, like at elegant restaurants, “said Eliades Moreno, founder and president of Boronea.

The sale of more formal trousseau and accessories is what is observed in the store. He added that before the summer season he saw a behavior of buying simpler pieces for the newspaper.

“People have started to buy, instead of polo shirts, jackets and shirts to go out. They are looking for more social and classic clothes for the night. We can measure what is happening in the economic ecosystem with the movement of what is sold. I can say that we are reverting to the usual pre-pandemic buying behavior. The hats are also moving a lot ”, highlighted Moreno.