Concerts, music festivals are back little by little: rock, pop, electronic … |

The year 2020 was surely one of the most complicated for the music industry that is remembered forever or at least modern times.

The coronavirus pandemic prevented thousands upon thousands of bands and festivals of rock, pop and other musical genres they had to change their plans. In fact, there was almost no concerts in 2020 and this 2021Despite the fact that one year of the worst of the pandemic has already passed, it continues to be very negative for the industry.

Most of the big bands have not gone on an international tour and at most the activity has been limited to small national concerts and especially in countries where sanitary restrictions are less and it is worthwhile for promoters to organize these events live.

But it seems that what remains of this year 2021 and of course and next year, 2022, will be very very positive because it will mean the return of the great music concerts and of course the most popular and well-known festivals of different musical genres throughout the entire international geography.

In addition, it is a shame because concerts and festivals were a way to socialize, reconnect with friends, travel as a family or with colleagues with musical tastes, in addition, it was impossible for many to link and meet possible dates, which has triggered the skyrocket. use of online dating platforms.

Concerts in Spain

Speaking particularly of Spain, it has been a very complicated year and in fact the big organizers have not counted on 2021 to organize festivals again except for some very few and with spectators limited by distances and other restrictions that regional and municipal governments impose.

2022 instead will be the return of great festivals known as the Mad Cool or also the Primavera Sound and also many rock festivals, some of them progressive rock, as we have been able to see here: the festival Minnuendo, the Rock Imperium, or others of the rock genre that will be organized in our country.

It is a very positive note to see great bands like Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Whitesnake, Doro, Amorphis… in single concerts we will see Leprous, Magnum, Anvil, Alan Parsons, Evergrey, Evancescence