Colombian singer accuses Alicia Machado of inviting her to prostitute herself with her “narco” friends

visit. that’s not why…I do not understand this whenmen do not want to recognizeto children who are theirs.Tanya is here with us.karina: hi, tanya.tanya: I come to bring you onestory of dear alicemachado.rúl: oh, my god. me aliciamachado.You know that I brought him thebreakfast in hotel bedwith the press years agowhen she won missVenezuela in Caracas. the othería, I gave him … I took himbreakfast. later whenIt was miss universe, you knowthey remember that they accused her ofwhat made me fatI invited to eat dogshot.that we also put it for“first impact”.tanya: It was a difficult timefor her.ú inviting her to eat dogssausages.alicia, those are themoments you want to forget.she was in colombiathey had launched somevery strong accusationsagainst the Colombians,alicia: let them know that one,two, three, four flies thatsometimes they damage a deliciousdish. what was notaccustomed, is to thexenophobia. but selling it inpositive side, what a good thingI saw so many episodes ofresentment, because thathas given the opportunity todefinitely realizeof a little problem that we haveor that we are sufferingVenezuelans, of course mycountrymen. in many countries,not only in Colombia.tanya: the other celebritieswho participated in the showthey felt alluded to andThey responded and in what way.Claudia remembered that she wasin a cooking competitionand not of coexistence.Alice did not keep quiet andhe also answered in networkssocial saying …“pity of others, beforeyou were a cheerleader I wasI shining in the skiesanother of the participants isa very famous singer inColombia. uó their networkssocial to launch a verydelicate affirmation.his friends.”declared that the statementsAlice’s are her way ofdraw attention.what is clear is that thisscandal could give a lot ofwhat to talk about.rúl: what was the firstwho protested?tanya: it was alicia. becauseremembered that it was a contestof kitchen.when marvel throws thosestatements saying thatI had invited with somefriends and used the wordprostitute, we callalicia machado, to herrepresentative to know whatthey had to say.rúl: quite strong.tanya: she says herrepresentative told us nothey could give a comment to therespect. that thoseaffirmations were in the handsof his lawyers, who are thethat they were going to see how they couldmake this woman knowretractara.I want to tell alicia,as a Colombian, that innobody, much less theColombians. I am thatalicia…Venezuelans.what alicia said nothey were all.