Colombian revealed how to get cheap tickets for any concert: an Elton John ticket for 3 dollars

In the last month he attended about 7 concerts. Photo: Diana Lara

In Colombia, the lifting of restrictions on mass gatherings allowed the entertainment sector to move all the stages in the country, the same thing that happened all over the world. The rise of concerts in the country has become a kind of cult, not only for the concert itself, but for everything that it brings around massive events.

Diana Laura She is a Colombian who has been living in the United States for about six years and, before settling in North America, she already went to concerts regularly, although not as many as she would have liked, both because of the permits and the price of the tickets.

However, since she arrived in New York, she found a passion in concerts and festivals that has taken her to just over 120 stages in the last four years; that is, an average of thirty concerts a year.

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Nowadays he considers it to be a way of life. He started attending shows in his neighborhood cafes or bars, where up-and-coming bands were making their debut, and then onstage with thousands of other fans.

“Going to concerts has opened many doors for me, I have met many people, I have traveled to many cities, for example, whenever I go to Chicago to festivals, like Lollapalooza or festivals like this, I stay at a friend’s house I met at a festival. In Boston I also stay at another friend’s house that I met once on a train, so how having that concert culture makes you meet a lot of people who live in the same way, and when you meet those kinds of people, well, you know the tickets cheaper, you learn more about music, about other perspectives, about other genres, about many things”.

those who know DianaThey say he has a rock soul. When he lived in Colombia he only attended concerts of that genre, but when he began to meet other people with other musical tastes, he understood that it was better not to concentrate on just one type of music.

“Before I only went to rock or alternative music concerts and now, well no, now I’ve gone to see the Tigres del Norte, I’ve gone to see band music; I have been to see reggaeton concerts, many of many other genres, and I have learned that the audiences are different, that the music is different; I have learned to know and love Latin music more, especially here in the United States, because that culture of being Latin is deeply rooted, and one is cynical, even if one does not like to talk about being Latin American. When you live here, the experience is completely different and you become very rooted in your roots and your Latin identity. And with that roots and also with the concert culture, I begin to see a lot of Latin American bands, especially from the world of rock”.

Diana met a friend in the United States, who attended many concerts and it seemed strange to her comparing her experience in Colombia. Well, the costs of the tickets in the United States are higher than the prices in Colombia and she began to relate even more with him to get to know that life.

“When I started, when I got here, I met a friend who was very much into that life, it’s that here it’s cultural, so you can see at the concerts of legendary bands like the Rolling Stones or Beatles, people from 80 to 70 literally years with the wheelchair and the oxygen tank at the concert. Here the concerts are mostly old bands that were there and the attendees are people from 80 to 70, 60 years old, super gray-haired people, so here the concert culture is very strong.

“And this friend that I knew, well, he told me: I started to see concerts in bars and years later the bands grew a lot and became international, so he told me once that in a bar he saw a band from New York that His name is Interpol and he had the privilege of drinking with them and years later, because Interpol became this giant phenomenon of alternative rock.

So, me listening to those pods. I was like, hey, I’m going to start and I started in the bars, then small bars with 20-dollar tickets, where they give you a drink watching emerging bands, and then I started like checking the pages and music applications, to see who was spinning and here like, I mean, people are spinning all the time, because the United States is a very big place for all the concerts and for all the artists in the world, so there are things all the time and I started looking at the tickets more cheap, so when I started I went to chicken coops and so on

Now Diana is a skilled concert hunter, to the point where ticket-buying apps like Ticketmaster, the leading platform for concert sales. He has received discounts on his tickets, for example, one of the cheapest tickets he got was Elton John, for the price of $US 3 dollars and the service of 11 dollars, he got it the same day through an application called Gametime. However, that is not the cheapest ticket, she has obtained for the price of $2 the concerts that she always dreamed of.

But to know how to find the prices, you need experience, being surrounded by people who are passionate about this world of entertainment and knowing that bars are the epicenter of those lucky coincidences that have driven her to turn concerts into a passion.

Diana in the last month has seen Kendrik Lamar, Rage Against the machine, Babasónicos, Los fabulous Cadillacs, Roger Waters, Ramstein and Rosalía. However, although she is a music lover and reggaeton has become her close link with the essence of being Latino, she did not want to attend Bad Bunny’s concert, because it seems too expensive to pay US$400 for an artist who She has not had the trajectory like Shakira, where she did pay that sum of money.

Advice for those who want to start in this world

Every month or at the beginning of the year, Diana starts the year by making a list of the bands that are going to attend the United States, checks the budget for tickets, transportation. After balancing the budget each month, she begins to look at the posters of bars and theaters such as the Halls, compares all the events in an Excel list and first chooses the ones she likes the most vs. the ones she has not seen.

Once you choose what you want to see along with the budget, make it clear a month before the event.

When he knows that the artist is going to perform in another city that the ticket is 80% cheaper than in New York, he buys the plane or train tickets in advance, he contacts friends in those cities to save on the hotel.

One of the most valuable resources are the applications, because in them you will find not only the cheapest tickets and travel services, but also the place where life is simpler without having to move somewhere.

In the next few days he is going to see the Pet Shop Boys and New Order in Philadelphia for only $US 130 and he is staying at a friend’s house. The same thing she does when one of her friends goes to see an artist performing in New York. For Diana, sharing has become the DNA of concerts.


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Colombian revealed how to get cheap tickets for any concert: an Elton John ticket for 3 dollars