Colombian-led opera concert takes the streets of Broolyn

The Opera Next Door, an independent opera company founded by Colombian soprano Sasha Gutiérrez, will perform in a live concert today, May 23, entitled “Cosí fan tutte”, in Brooklyn.

In 2020, The Opera Next Door was created, a group founded by the Colombian Sasha Gutiérrez and directed by Alejandro Zuleta. His goal in creating a chamber orchestra was to take more spaces in which art was generally not present, such as the stairs of the streets of Brooklyn.

“A musical house for anyone who wants to learn more about art and bring more passion to our communities, that’s what we wanted to do. We are convinced that art unites people. We believe in a brighter future because we trust in the love that unites us for art. The Opera Next Door seeks to form diverse new audiences, neighborhoods and unconventional spaces, ”said Sasha Gutiérrez.

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Yesterday, May 22, around 400 people gathered to enjoy a concert that seeks to include more people in artistic settings both for their participation and for their consumption.

Alejandro Zuleta was born in Bogotá, but now lives in New York. He is a composer, pianist and choral conductor. One of its objectives is to keep alive the legacy of the Zuleta family, who have sustained a Vallenato tradition over the years. His father, Emiro Zuleta, was one of the most prolific vallenato composers of his generation. For her part, Sasha Gutiérrez is a soprano, graduated and graduated with honors from the Javeriana University. He performed on some of the most prestigious stages in Colombia and was a soloist with the Bogotá Philharmonic on several occasions, in addition to winning the Banco de la República’s “Young Interpreters” contest in 2013 and 2016.

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According to David Salazar, from Opera Wire, this Sunday’s presentation in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, at 5 in the afternoon, will feature the participation of Shaina Martínez, Rosario H. Armas, Tiernan Chase, Laureano Quant, Héctor Camacho and Sergio Andrés Martínez.

“The production will transport the history and characters of 18th century Italy to 21st century Brooklyn. Mozart and librettist Lorenzo Da Ponte’s interpretation of the once-classic (and perhaps old-fashioned) trope of the ‘bride swap’ will be reimagined with images and characters familiar to everyday New Yorkers, a scandalous sense of drama that any soap opera viewer will recognize and even a modern and mocking perspective of the gender dynamics at stake ”, Gutiérrez assured about the work.